How To Use Ceramic Tiles to Decorate Your Kitchen

If you are bored with the present set up of your kitchen, ceramic tiles can give it a fresh and colorful look. Ceramic tiles come in various colors and you can actually mask the whole kitchen walls with these materials. You can start with the kitchen sink and the island by using matching colors to create a stand out accent. Aside from the beautiful designs you can generate from using ceramic tiles, you will be happy to know that they are easy to maintain. There is no need for heavy scrubbing with steel wool and tough cleansing chemicals. All you need to do is wipe them with wet soapy cloth or sponge and presto – they look good as new. If you are planning to redecorate your kitchen with ceramic tiles, read the following tips:

  • Take the measurements of the area where you want to install the ceramic tiles. Start from the farthest end of the kitchen sink. Determine up to what point you want to place the tiles. Some homeowners like their kitchen walls fully draped with tiles while others prefer just a portion of the sink area while the rest of the panel is painted with neutral colors. When deciding on the size of the area to be tiled, take into consideration the whole floor region where the kitchen is situated, in relation with the other parts of the house like the living room and dining area. Try not to take too big an area for the tiles so your house will not look like a whole kitchen itself.
  • Find the ideal ceramic tiles from construction supply dealers in your area. There are stores that actually specialize in ceramic tiles alone. Look for the colors of your choice and make sure they complement the other existing fixtures of the house interior. Should you want to use a totally different shade of tiles, remember that you need to alter the other portions of the kitchen and dining area to coordinate with the colors of your choice.
  • Select the ideal size of ceramic tiles for your kitchen. Refer to the measurements of the tile area you took earlier. Take note of the tile measurements. With the total area of the kitchen portion to be tiled, estimate how many pieces of ceramic tiles you will need to cover the said spot. Ask assistance from the sales assistants to make sure you do not make a mistake.
  • Choose your color and design combinations. This is easy to do because ceramic tiles are usually displayed in the stores according to their color and designs. To be very sure that you are making the right option, bring a camera and take photos of your options before finally buying the tiles, and try to visualize the outcome when you get home.
  • Try Italian designs. To give your kitchen a more elegant style, try using ceramic tiles with Italian designs. You may ask the opinion of an interior design expert to make sure the designs go along together artistically.
  • Hire an expert tile installer to do the works. Supervise the person installing your ceramic tiles to make certain the tiles are aligned correctly and that each tile is mounted securely.

Before using ceramic tiles to decorate your kitchen, make a layout plan first for your guide. Sketch the design in its actual color so you can have a clear picture of the result of your project.


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