How To Use Chamomile to Lighten Hair

Chamomile offers a variety of uses. Aside from the relaxation effect it gives to tense nerves and anxious minds, it also aids in correcting certain ailments such as disorders in the digestive system, common colds, skin cuts and insomnia. Another bonus benefit that chamomile provides is its cosmetic use. Chamomile extracts have been found to be an effective treatment in hair color lightening.

To use chamomile in lightening hair, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the materials for the chamomile mixture. You will need lavender oil, liquid chamomile extract, instant chamomile tea bags, dried chamomile flowers, shampoo, yogurt, colander, sunflower or olive oil, shower cap and a bottle container. You can purchase the chamomile ingredients (extract, tea bags and flowers) from herb stations in your area although they can also be found in most groceries and supermarkets.
  • Boil water (at least one cup to one and a half) in a pan. Put the flame to high so as to allow it to reach boiling point instantly. For a real quick boiling procedure, use a tin or aluminum pan because it conducts heat more easily than other materials such as alloy. Lower the heat when the water has started boiling. Next, place the chamomile tea bags. Use around eight or ten bags at a time. Leave the water and tea to simmer for a few more minutes before removing it from the stove.
  • Take out the pot of boiling water from the flame. Let the liquid cool down first for a while. Strain the liquid and pour it over a bowl, using a strainer made of steel wire to sift the tealeaves. You may throw the tealeaves or keep them for other purposes.
  • Put in lavender oil (one-fourth teaspoon) to the liquid. At this point, the liquid must have cooled down. Adding the lavender oil or any other ingredient to the water when still hot might destroy the therapeutic elements of said substances.
  • Combine the yogurt with the mixture. Use yogurt, which is plain and natural, and do away with fruity flavored yogurt. Remember that you will use the mixture to your hair, and flavored yogurt might be sticky and difficult to come off even as you wash your hair afterwards.
  • Add all the other ingredients to the chamomile mixture. You may add all the other ingredients (olive oil, dried chamomile flowers, liquid chamomile extract, and etc.) or just opt for plain chamomile tea and extract. You have the option to use the one you prefer. Combine all the ingredients by stirring the mixture thoroughly in the bowl. You may blend them together too in a blender but do it very quickly.
  • Wash your hair before proceeding with the chamomile treatment. Dry your hair and start massaging the chamomile lightening formula on your hair. Start by applying some amount on the roots and going down to the tip to cover every strand. Use the shower cap to seal in the chamomile mixture to achieve favorable effect.
  • Wash down the chamomile treatment by shampooing your hair. Finish off with warm rinse and towel dry. Do not blow dry your hair because the hot air might interfere with the lightening effect of the chamomile treatment.

Using natural substances such as chamomile extracts to modify the color of your hair is beneficial in the sense that you do not have to punish your hair with strong chemicals just to achieve the desired appearance you want for your crowning glory. Too much exposure to chemicals may, in time, damage the hair.


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