How To Use Chicken Wire Creatively

Chicken wire is, as the name indicates, a material used to make poultry enclosures and cages. It is made from flexible galvanized wire in different gauges. The hexagonal gaps are of the right size to prevent the chicken from inserting their heads in the gaps as well as preventing predators from entering poultry enclosures. Aside from its very common use as enclosure and material for cages, aviaries and kennels, there are other uses for chicken wire. Below you will find some ideas on how to use chicken wire creatively.

  • When arranging flowers in a vase with a wide mouth and you want the flowers to stand straighter and keep your arrangement tighter, cut a square or round piece of chicken wire that will fit over the mouth of the vase. Wrap the edges of the chicken wire piece down the side of the vase. Place greenery around the edge of the vase to hide the edges of the chicken wire and arrange the flowers and leaves between the gaps.
  • You can make large garden topiaries in different shapes using chicken wire. Create the chicken wire sculpture and place it over the clay pot where the plant is already growing. Tie the branches of the plant along the sides of the chicken wire sculpture so that you can train the branches.
  • If you are fond of wire sculptures, these are very easy to do with chicken wire. For some wire sculptures you do not have to solder the pieces together. If you have to cut the chicken wire into pieces to make the sculpture, the edges of the cut pieces can be use to wrap around the other pieces or use other wires to join the pieces together. Apply spray paint to protect the wire and make your chicken wire sculpture last longer. The wire sculptures can be displayed indoors or out in your garden.
  • Plaster sculpture can be reinforced with chicken wire. Paper mache can also be reinforced with chicken wire. You can fashion several containers out of chicken wire. You can use chicken wire baskets and trays using chicken wire and heavy gauge wire to provide the stabilizing form. Secure the edges for a cleaner look and safety. You can use the trays and baskets to hold eggs, vegetables and fruits.
  • Chicken wire can be used to protect flower and vegetable gardens to prevent pets and children from stepping on the flowers and the vegetables you have growing in your garden. Erect a low fence to surround the beds but high enough for the chickens, cats, dogs and probably rabbits to go over.
  • Some construction work around the house can also be reinforced with chicken wire. Add chicken wire when pouring concrete to make concrete slabs or stepping stones to strengthen the concrete. Even when the stepping stones or concrete slabs are cracked, the chicken wire will help hold the pieces together.

If you have run out of ideas on where you can use chicken wire, collect them and send them to an animal rescue or a wildlife rescue center. They are always in need of materials to make temporary cages for the animals that they rescue. Local gardening clubs will also find plenty of uses for chicken wire.


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