How To Use Circular Crochet Hooks

Circular crochet hooks appear as two separate crochet hooks connected by a long coiled cable. The cable is crucial since it allows you to hold stitches used in Afghan or Tunisian hook patterns and even double-sided work while being able to do normal and intricate cross stitch patterns with the two hooks. These hooks are said to be ideal for making a variety of crochet work but many people use it particularly for long pieces of fabric such as shawls, blankets, rugs, mats, and many more.

Here is a rundown on how you can create your own fabrics with a pair of circular crochet hooks:

  • Uncoil your circular crochet hooks. Begin by unraveling your circular crochet hooks, and then decide on which of the two hooks will be your left and your right hook.
  • Create your foundation row. Make a chain of 20 stitches with yarn using your left hook, then insert the same hook in the second chain stitch. Draw up a loop by wrapping the tail of the yarn around the hook (this process is called yarning over), then pulling it through the stitch. Leave the loop on the hook and repeat this so you are able to cast on loops for all the stitches in your chain. Remember not to remove the loops from the hook during the entire process. You should end up with 20 loops on the chain.

    Casting off loops, just like casting them on, involves wrapping the yarn around the hook. However, after pulling the yarn through only one loop, wrap the yarn again and draw through two loops at a time. Continue to do this until you reach the last loop at the end of the chain.

  • Continue casting on loops. The last loop of the foundation row then becomes the first stitch of the next row. For you to do this, you start by inserting the hook under the stitch, then yarn over, draw through the stitch, and loop on the hook. However, if you want to make a double-sided fabric, simply slide the loops across the unraveled cable to the second or your right hook. After which turn your work 180 degrees so your right hook now is in your left hand. You can opt to add another yarn with a different color during this step. Then, continue casting on loops similar to what you did when you made the foundation row.
  • Tie off the yarn. Once you have finished your project, make sure to have one remaining loop in which you insert your hook, yarn over, and pull both your loops on the hook. Do this across the entire row and finish it by tying off the tail of the yarn.

Learning the basics on how to crochet with these hooks will allow you to add complex details in your bigger projects in the future. Remember though that if you decide to insert your favorite crochet stitches as you work on your pattern, you need to count your stitches accurately as you cast on and cast off loops in other rows to keep the supposed size of your work.


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