How To Use Clicker Training for Puppies

Compared to dogs, puppies are easier to train however they are more stubborn. Clicker training is one method to train puppies.

Follow the steps below to train your puppies using the clicker method.

  • Buy a clicker. There are many clickers available in pet stores. Choose one that is not too loud or too soft. Choose one that you can tolerate. Chances are your puppy can tolerate the sound too. Remember however that dogs are more sensitive in hearing. If you do not want to buy a clicker, you can choose to improvise by making your own clicker.
  • Teach your puppy how to obey when walking. Bring the clicker when walking your puppy. Teach him to stop walking and to sit when you press the clicker. Train him by pulling his leash gently. As you pull his leash, press the clicker. You can choose to give him a treat every time he follows. Your dog will get used to following you when you press the clicker.
  • Teach your puppy how to sit. You can also teach your puppy how to sit using the clicker. Command your puppy to sit by pointing your index finger down towards the floor. Follow this up with a single click. You can guide your puppy by gently pressing his lower back. Repeat this step several times. If he sits without you guiding him, make sure to reward him by giving him a treat or a pat on the head.
  • Teach your puppy tricks. Clicker training can also teach your puppy how to perform tricks. You can teach your puppy how to roll over, to extend his paw or to lie on his back. Remember to first demonstrate what he is supposed to do with one hand. Always immediately follow your hand gestures with the clicker. The clicks may vary. This will all depend on you. You can choose to click once to make him roll over, two times to make him extend his paw and three times to make him lie on his back. This will prevent him from getting mixed up with your commands. It is important to reward him after performing every trick.
  • You can also use the clicker method to correct your puppy’s bad behavior. Since puppies love chewing, they practically chew everything they see. As you pull them away from the furniture, press the clicker. Continue to do this until he gets the hang of it.
  • Remember to only do this for a short time. Remember that puppies have short attention spans. Practice the clicker training for 10 minutes. Gradually increase the training period. If your puppy behaves badly, do not give him a treat. Press the clicker numerous times to get his attention.

Patience is important when training a puppy. Whether you are using the clicker training or another method, remember to be patient with your puppy. Avoid yelling at your puppy. It is also important to do this daily. Avoid skipping a day. If you constantly do this, your puppy will get used to the clicks and will follow your command.


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