How To Use Colored Sprays on Hair

It is very common now for people to change their hair color the way they change the color of their nails and make-up. While some wait for the new growth to appear before they dye their hair again, others use touch-ups to just add color to the new growth instead of coloring all of their hair. There is a new hair product today that can do both and even cover up bald spots temporarily. This new product comes in spray form and there are no more mixing of color and developer involved and curing time for the color to take effect. The product can be sprayed directly on the hair or the bald spot. Below are tips on how to use colored sprays on hair.

  • If you are going to cover a bald spot, be sure to check the actual color of your hair so that you can get the right color that will blend with or match your natural hair. With this method the product will be directly sprayed on the exposed scalp. Go to a hair salon and have a hairdresser make an actual comparison of your natural hair color and the colors of the colored sprays that are available. Some hair salons might be selling this product. If you do not want to get a can from the hair salon take note of the name and research online to see where you will be able to buy the same brand or look for other brands. Using colored spray may be a trial and error thing therefore it will be to your advantage to buy a lower-priced one in the smaller package available.
  • The spray bottle should be held about twelve inches away from the bald spot you want to cover. Spray the area and allow the product to dry. This is an instant and ideal way to cover thinning areas and hide small bald spots.
  • If you want to add highlights to your hair, wash your hair first and let it dry. For small streaks use a hair coloring cap with holes on it or poke holes in an old but still tight-fitting shower cap. Use a medium sized crochet hook to pick small clumps of hair through the holes. Spray the colored spray on the exposed hair. You have the choice of using a spray that is lighter than your natural hair color or drastically change it with a color that is very much lighter or darker.
  • For other hairstyles, shampoo your hair and dry it. Get the clumps of hair you want to color and isolate it. Protect the rest of your head so that the rest of the hair will not be affected when you spray. Shake the bottle and apply the colored spray in short bursts from the top of the hair to the tip. Allow the product to dry before you move on to the next section.
  • Colored sprays are temporary and will wash off when you shampoo your hair. It is also bleach and peroxide-free so it is easier to apply darker colors to lighter hair than to lighten dark hair.

Wear plastic or surgical gloves when using colored spray to avoid getting the color on your skin and fingernails. Protect your clothing by wearing a cape or an old towel and use the product in front of the mirror with adequate lighting. Applying colored sprays can be quite difficult. Ask the help of a friend who will be able to help you with hard-to-reach areas.


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