How To Use Crystals for Your Protection

When you hear the word crystal, the first thing that comes to mind is a glass or figurine made out of crystal. Unknown to most of you are the protective properties of crystals. Psychics believe that crystals can protect people from geothermal energies, bad aura, and psychic attack and evil.

Different crystal stones can protect you from various harms. To know what type of crystal to use for your own protection, you should understand at least two things: first, from what harm you want to be protected, and second, what type of crystal you should use to protect you from such harm.

This article tackles the basic types of crystals, and how to use them for your own protection.

  • Among the many different types of crystals, quartz crystal is the most commonly used to protect one’s self. It is said that quartz crystals have properties that can protect people from the most basic form of negative energy, bad aura, and evil. For example, if you want to protect yourself from the subtle, yet awful energy emitted from your computer, you can use quartz to counteract and neutralize such energy. All you have to do is to simply place a cluster of quartz in front of your computer, and the quartz will do the rest. Moreover, if you want to deflect all the negative energies entering your home, you may want to burry quartz crystal on the four corners of your house. This set of quartz will serve as your guardians against negative energies that want to penetrate and enter your peaceful home.

    Quartz can protect you not only in your home, but in you workplace as well. There are two major causes of stress in a work environment, that is, the work itself and the negative vibe and stress from your colleagues. If the main cause of the stress that you get from your work is the work itself, always keep a Rose quartz or an Amethyst in your pocket and hold onto them every time you feel stressed, as these crystals are considered as calming stones. On the other hand, if you want to deflect other’s frustration and stress from getting into you, use a Smoky quartz. Simply place it on your desk. It will create an invisible, metaphysical bubble, which effectively ward off and draw away your colleagues’ negative vibe and stress. 

  • Less known and yet equally effective crystals are the following: Flourite, Apache Tears, Green Adventurine, and Black tourmaline. Flourite and Apache tears are used to guard your personal space, or what others call it “Aura”. Each person has his own personal space -- in the physical and metaphysical sense. Most probably, if unwelcome people occupy your physical personal space you feel invaded, if not offended. This is equally true when your metaphysical personal space or aura is attacked. To avoid this feeling of being invaded, use Flourite and/or Apache tears.

    If you’re the type of person who wants to be protected from psychic attacks and vampiric assaults, then you should use Green Adventurine and Black Tourmaline, respectively.

There are times when everything appears to be right, but you feel that there’s still something wrong. Maybe all you need to do is to look beyond the physical metes and bound of life. Take some time to ascertain what possible negative energies lurk around you, and start counteracting them with effective, powerful protective properties of crystals.


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