How To Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The best invention for writers and interviewers alike - Dragon NaturallySpeaking software! Say hello to days in the office where you can just speak as the computer types your latest memo (you don’t have to worry about spelling corrections as words are spelled correctly every time)! With the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software you have your hands free to do another task as you simply dictate your report to the computer. You can even edit documents with simply voice control commands. This cuts down your time doing repetitive keyboard and mouse motions. This “new” software makes life easier!

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking is software developed by Nuance Communications for Windows computers. It is able to recognize speech and transcribe those words into text. The software has three main functions that include command input, text-to-speech and dictation.

As you speak, the words appear on the window and once you pause, these words are written out as text. The latest Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10. X can type up to 160 words per minute and allows continuous transcribing. The software contains a large vocabulary of 300,000 words. You can also correct and edit paragraphs in your documents by using voice command. All of these and more are at your command and control. Here’s how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

  • First, purchase the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Allow the sales representatives to assist you in choosing which program version best fits your computer requirements. Read the manual carefully and thoroughly.
  • Install the program. To install the voice recognition software, insert the disk into the disk drive. A window will automatically pop up to continue set up. Click “proceed” or “Ok”. If the set up window does not appear you may go to the control panel and click on the “Add Program.” Follow the instructions as they appear.
  • Once installed you need to have the program recognize your voice. There are documents included which you will be asked to read out loud. Tip. When “training” your computer to recognize your voice, make sure that you are speaking in your normal environment. A noisy background filled with the loud hum of printers, air-conditioners and noisy employees may affect its recognition accuracy. You may also want to use the USB microphone specifically made for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  • When reading out loud the dictation text, you may experiment with the volume, tone and pace of speech for greater accuracy. It is encouraged - if you would like to place a comma or period (pause indications) - to indicate “comma,” “period”, “colon” and such. You may also turn on the “formatting feature” in the program, which will automatically insert periods and commas when it thinks the paragraph needs it. It is still advisable though that you indicate “periods” and “commas” for more correct translations.
  • Vocabulary. Though the Dragon NaturallySpeaking already has an extensive vocabulary you may also add on to the vocabulary by adding words in the customize menu.
  • For additional help, simply click on the Help Desk of the program to assist you in your queries. You may also download their comprehensive user’s manual on their official site for free. It may take some getting used to at first - especially getting into the habit of commanding the program with speech – but it will be time well spent.

Good luck and have fun!


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