How To Use Everyday Items to Propose

As seen on various TV shows and movies, proposing to a girl is usually best if it is romantic and extravagant. A candle light dinner in a posh restaurant followed by some champagne and the getting down on one knee to present the engagement ring is the normal way of proposing. It is also a cliché that your soon-to-be bride will expect.

The reality is that proposing does not require extravagance or a whole lot of money spent. The trick to a proposal of marriage is to be creative, to present the ring and ask for her hand in marriage when she least expects you to. You won’t need to shuttle her off to a five star restaurant or fly her to a lavish destination. The ring itself does not even have to cost a fortune either.

That said here are some tips to use some of the things you normally use every day to finally get her to say that sweet yes you are always longing for.

  • Start with a memory or an inside joke. You have probably seen this done in a variety of movies, where the boyfriend proposes using something that they used during their courtship or something that made both of you laugh. It can be as simple as offering her a plastic toy engagement ring that can be found in cereal boxes or candy. Or, it can be as creative as buying her a memorabilia of a trip that you both enjoyed in the past with a ring stuck to it. Technically, it is the gesture and the sentimentality of the action that will most likely shock your lover in a positive way.
  • Propose with childlike innocence. Back in school, it was somewhat common that boys would give a folded note to their crush with a checkbox asking the girl to check the box pertaining to the question if she wanted him to be his girlfriend or not. While it may be cheesy for some, it is a cute gesture for others. Some adult women may actually appreciate the innocence and simplicity of this type of proposal. Have someone bring your girl a note. The note should be folded and should contain the ring. Inside the note, draw 2 check boxes labeled as yes or no. The question should be as simple as will you marry me. For a romantic effect, hire a cute kid to bring the note to your lady.
  • Consider the treasure hunt proposal. This is a great idea to keep your lady on her toes. Sneak into her room while she is asleep. Leave clues on certain areas of the house starting with her room. The clues should lead her to certain areas of the room with the objective of finding the surprise. As she wakes up, she will see the first clue, smile, and play along. In the end, you will want to her to arrive in the kitchen where breakfast is served. On the dining table, set the food and the china in any way that she likes it normally. On her plate, leave a napkin with the engagement ring as the napkin holder. As she sits down, she will be surprised. At that point, come out and get down on one knee and propose. Alternatively, you can go without the treasure hunt and just simply bring her breakfast in bed with the same setup, the ring locking the napkin in place.

These are just some examples. You should easily think of more simple ideas to propose which should catch her off-guard. The trick to it is to be creative and use things that can conceal what you are planning to do. Now, you may have seen it done before, but placing the ring in food or drink is a bad idea as she may not notice it and may gulp it down resulting into a trip to the hospital. Keep it simple but romantic.


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