How To Use High Definition Receivers

People nowadays buy LCD TVs with high definition receivers. High definition receivers make the images appear more realistic. The higher the definition, the more 3D the image appears.

Here’s a simple way to use high definition receivers.

  • Gather the necessary materials. To be able to use high definition receivers, you will need the following materials: HDMI cables, HDTV antennae, cable box, coaxial cables and fiber optic cables. These materials are available in hardware or TV stores. Most of cable boxes are sold with the cables already. You can choose to buy them separately. It is however, cheaper to buy them in sets. Some TVs have built in cable boxes. Make sure to check your TV before buying a cable box. Make sure your TV is also compatible with the cable box. Your TV manual usually contains this information.
  • Place the cable box near the back of the TV. Some cable boxes require an energy source. Make sure there is free socket where you can plug the cable box. Do not plug in the cable box.
  • Locate the port which says “Cable In” or “Input” at the back of your cable box. Plug one end of the coax cable to that port. Plug the other end to the wall jack. The wall jack is located at the back of your TV. There are usually many ports where you can plug in the cable. It doesn’t matter which input port you plug the cable in. Choose one.
  • Plug in the cable box. Once the coax cables are securely connected to your cable box and TV, you can plug the cable box to a free socket. Make sure the voltage reading matches. You can use an adaptor plug if it doesn’t match.
  • Locate the port which says “HDMI out” at the back of your cable box. Plug one end of the HDMI cable to that port. The port is usually bigger than the other ports. Connect the other end to one of the input labels found at the back of your TV.
  • Connect the fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables are usually colored. Plug the cables according to the colors. This step is the easiest to do.
  • For other sources such as HDTV antennae, instead of plugging the coax cable to a cable box, plug one end to the HDTV antennae output. Plug the other end to the input port at the back of your TV. You do not need to use fiber optic cables if you choose to use HDT antennae.
  • Test your TV. Turn on your TV and cable box. Select the menu button using your remote control. Choose the correct input.

Contact the cable company if the picture is not in high definition. There may be something wrong with your cable box.

One way of maintaining a functioning HDTV is to organize the cables at the back of your TV. You can use cable wires to wrap them together. Keep them near the wall or hidden at the back of your TV. Keep them out of reach from children.


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