How To Use High Frequency for Facials

High frequency facials are becoming more and more popular nowadays because it can remove fine lines and wrinkles. There are two high frequency treatments, the direct and indirect method. The direct method is used for people with oily skin and with a lot of pimples or acne. It helps dry and heal skin. The indirect method is used for people dry or dehydrated skin. It helps the unclog sebaceous glands.

High frequency facials work by creating currents that stimulate the nerves of the face. These currents pass through a glass electrode. The glass electrode is the part of the device, which is placed on the skin. Because it produces heat, it makes blood circulation better. Because blood circulation is improved, the face’s cells rejuvenate.

Here’s an easy way to use high frequency for facials.

  • Look for a high frequency machine. There are different kinds of high frequency machines. There are the large ones. These are the ones you usually see in spas or facial places. There are also compact ones. These are smaller and easier to use when going on trips. You can purchase one online or from facial boutiques. It may be hard to find the one you like. It is better to buy them online.
  • Evaluate your skin type. Make sure you know your skin type. If you notice flaky skin, you probably have dry skin. If you notice oil droplets forming on your nose, above your lip, or on your forehead, you probably have oily skin. Consult your dermatologist to make sure. Some people who think they have oily skin might have normal skin. Take note of your skin type. This is very important when using a high frequency machine.
  • Wash your face. Make sure you remove excess dirt from your face. The high frequency machine will not remove small dirt particles. You will need to wash them off with water and facial soap.
  • Dry your face before applying the gel. Gels usually come with the high frequency machine. The gel is similar to ultrasound gels. Apply a thin layer on your face. You can choose to put a layer of gauze bandage over your face. Gauze bandages are available in drug stores.
  • Set the high frequency machine. Make sure the high frequency machine is set properly. This will depend on your skin type. Frequency ranges differ between skin types. Some frequency ranges are higher for people with oily skin. This is why it is important to take note of your skin type. Hold the device and place it over your skin. Move the device in a clockwise manner, making small circles on the skin. This will prevent your skin from receiving too much current. Too much current will damage your skin. Do not leave the electrode of the high frequency machine on your face for a very long time. The treatment should last for about thirty minutes.

Some dermatologists require patients to use the high frequency machine daily. This depends on your skin type. People with oily skin can use this device daily since it can help reduce oil secretions. For people with dry skin, it is best to use this device weekly.


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