How To Use Household Items as Toys for Small Dogs

Caring for dogs can be costly. They have trips to the vet, high-end dog food, a doghouse, and dog toys. This expensive maintenance can be tweaked and changed to fit your budget. If you want to have a dog but cannot afford to buy expensive dog toys, you can use improvised household items as substitutes. From here, it all depends on the size of the dog you are caring for. Some household items can be appropriate for a large dog but inappropriate for a smaller breed. Dog toys vary in sizes so smaller toys are perfect for small dogs. You may need to modify the household items you want to use as dog toys to fit the size of your dog. Also, keep in mind that dogs have the need to chew so choose chewable items that can last for a long time. A small toy might get stuck or aspirate a large dog so choose your toys carefully.

  • Use your garden hose. If you find your dog occasionally chewing your garden hose, then maybe it’s a good idea to turn it into a toy. Instead of disposing it, cut it into pieces and give them to your dog as toys. Though, you might want to keep your new hose hidden since your dog will likely chew on it the minute he sees it.
  • Make a bundle of fleece. Old fleece can be cut and made into a bundle. This will be a great pull toy for your dog. You can also use strips of rags or clothing that you don’t have any use for. Old jeans are also good materials for these. This pull toy may not be the most durable so you may often find the need to replace it.
  • Transform sturdy rope into a tug toy. Big ropes, when knotted, are good tug toys for dogs. Do two knots on the rope and make it as tight as possible avoid it from being detangled. Also, make sure to choose a rope that is well-made, meaning with all fibers properly braided and intact. If the rope is of poor quality, your dog might ingest the fibers and cause digestive problems.
  • Find your old stuff toys. If you have your old stuff toys lying around, you can give that to your dog as chewing toys. If the toy is damaged, you can use the stuffing or fabric to make a new chew toy. Just be sure to use sturdy fabric that will properly conceal the stuffing.
  • Recycle your water bottles. If you have a number of water bottles you are trying to find a use for, try making them as chew toys for your dog. Test if your dog wants a water bottle as a toy. If he does, empty the water bottle and give it to him. You may want to remove the rings and paper labels to avoid aspiration and digestive problems. If you feel you don’t want your dog chewing on plastic, you can wrap the bottle in sturdy fabric like old jean.

There are a number of household items you can modify to transform into dog toys. Just be creative and remember to provide the appropriate size for your dog.


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