How To Use ImageShack Photo Hosting for a Craigslist Ad

The Internet is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to advertise your products. There are several sites, which allow you to post an advertisement for free. One of these sites is Craigslist. Craigslist is a site where you can post not only advertisements for products but also jobs, services, housing and more. The site also allows you to upload 4 photos for each advertisement that you post. Adding pictures to your advertisement is better than plain text because it gets more attention and if you’re selling something, the viewer will have an idea how your product looks like. The photos uploaded will only be small. However, there is a way to make these bigger. You can use an image hosting site like ImageShack Photo Hosting to produce a code for your picture and add this on your advertisement. The image will show up bigger and viewers will be able to see it properly.

Here’s how to use ImageShack Photo Hosting for a Craigslist Ad.

  • Choose a photo. You can use a digital camera to take photos of your products. Transfer the photos on your computer and see which has the best shot. Edit the picture as needed. You can adjust the size, brightness or add effects to make it more presentable. You can use a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or you can also find some sites on the Internet, which allow you to easily edit your photos. Save the edited photo and rename this to something that you can easily recognize to make uploading easier. You can name the picture “Craigslist ad”.
  • Create ImageShack account and upload. ImageShack is a free photo hosting site that allows you to upload pictures and even create slides for easy sharing. This will also give you codes for your photos or slide shows so you can post these on other sites such as social networking sites and ad sites by just using the codes. This will be faster and easier because you don’t have to upload each time you want to add these on your sites. Sign up for a free account by going to ImageShack’s website. Once you successfully created your free account, upload the photo that you will use for your Craigslist advertisement. After uploading, you will get a code for your photo.
  • Make Craigslist advertisement. Login to your Craigslist account to post an advertisement. If you don’t have a Craigslist account yet, you can sign up for free by going to their site. Click the post to classified option and provide the needed information about your advertisement. In the area where you type the text of your advertisement, Type in <img src = (code from Imageshack) >. Paste the code of your photo which you got when you uploaded it on Imageshack’s website. Finish posting your advertisement. You will be asked to enter a code that will appear on the screen. Type the code that you will see to successfully post your advertisement.

The photo will now be included on your advertisement. Since this is bigger, viewers will be able to see your products properly and this will give you bigger chance of getting more customers.


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