How To Use Jojoba Oil on Nails

Our nails are probably one of the many parts in our body that often get the most neglect. It is because caring for them is easily overlooked. Most people do not realize that having healthy nails is as important as having healthy hands and feet. Thankfully, trying to salvage mistreated nails is simple and usually painless. What is more is that, all it takes is a little time and effort and of course, some natural oils to get you started! Among these natural oils is Jojoba oil. Jojoba has active properties designed to treat and restore damaged nails. It is highly recommended for any type of broken nails, both for finger and toenails.

Do you have damaged nails that you want to repair? If so, then using Jojoba oil is the way to go! Read on to find out more.

  • Buy oil. Purchase medium-sized Jojoba oil in your local drug store or specialty shop. In buying, take time to read the labels as there are varieties of Jojoba oil being sold in the market today. Find one that is made in organic and fully refined Jojoba oil, as that usually ensures that the particular Jojoba oil is of high quality.
  • Prepare your nails. Once you have the Jojoba oil, you are now ready to start treating your nails. Fill a small tub or pan with lukewarm water. Add a couple drops of essential oils that you may have. Soak your hand or feet for about 5 minutes to soften your nail bed. Once done, dry your hand or feet using a clean and dry towel. Cut nails if necessary. You can also give yourself a manicure or pedicure, if you want.
  • Applying Jojoba. Once your hands and feet are cleaned, get your Jojoba oil. Add a few drops on each nail and gently massage it in. For optimum results, add a few drops of Vitamin E after. This is because Jojoba oil creates a channel for an easier Vitamin E absorption. Repeat procedure until all nails are coated. Leave nails to dry thoroughly.
  • Maintenance. Wear gloves right after to keep nails away from external irritants. To achieve satisfactory results, repeat application every morning and night. Keep nails well groomed all the time. Eat healthy too. Make sure you meet your daily calcium requirement as calcium nourishes nail beds. If you are smoking, it is best to quit too as nail damage is also one of its many bad effects. If you are a fan of nail polish, make sure that you space the application of nail polish every two weeks especially if you are fond of applying darker shades as chemicals from these acrylics attribute greatly to nail corrosion. As a good rule of thumb, it is important to set aside some time for your nails to rest so leave them unpolished occasionally.

And there you have it. Simple tips and reminders to help you achieve healthy and beautiful nails. Stop the abuse and do your share to get your nails back in tip-top shape!


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