How To Use Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Extra Work Space

The kitchen is probably the most cluttered area in the house. It’s because it houses the most things you need – from pans to plates, from forks to knives and even the car keys and house keys. Because of all these things, your kitchen would naturally be full of cupboards, shelves, counters and cabinets. But if you think your kitchen is not enough to have extra work space, think again! There are still areas that you can convert into working space. You want to know where? Your kitchen cabinet doors are extra work spaces that you can use. Here is how to use them for your advantage and create working spaces. Read on to find out how.

  • Convert your kitchen cabinet doors to an organizer. You might ask – doors as organizers? Sounds impossible, right? Especially that the cabinet doors are vertically challenged to have boxes or trays. What you could do is screw in small hooks in about one and a half inches apart aligned on the back side of the cabinet door. These hooks could be the area where you could keep your keys in order. Cabinet doors usually have at least an inch air gap from the tip of the shelves so keys are perfect to hang on there that wouldn’t obstruct the door closing.
  • Attach small blackboards behind the doors. If you’re a proud parent of kids, you want to keep an eye on them at all times even when you’re working in the kitchen. If you keep them busy by giving them their toys, you might accidentally step on some of it and hurt yourself. The safest way to give them an activity would be to install small blackboards at the backside of your cabinet doors. Give them some dustless chalk and dictate some words that they can spell out or let them draw their favorite things.
  • Attach cork boards behind the cabinet doors. Another way to create extra work space with your cabinet doors would be to attach cork boards on them to act as a bulletin board where you could pin your notes or reminders. Just be sure that the cork board isn’t too thick so the doors could still be closed well. Remember to use pins that aren’t too small. Use the pins with round handles so it would be easier to handle. You could attach small calendars as well. Just make sure the calendar is tacked high enough for the door to close properly.
  • Attach a flat organizer to hold small packets. Small packets like spices or powder juices could be neatly inserted into a flat organizer with small pockets. This organizer could be attached on the cabinet door to add some work space. The cabinet doors above the cooking stove would be the best place to locate the organizer if you’re putting in packets of spices or herbs. You could use more than one organizer as long as you have other cabinet doors in your kitchen.

Always remember to secure the organizers, blackboards or cork boards you are installing behind the cabinet doors. Doors are the most abused part of the kitchen. Be sure that the organizers won’t fall off when you shut the doors. Reinforce with adhesive or screw. Good luck!


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