How To Use Loadable Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money when doing your grocery shopping. By simply presenting a set of coupons you have clipped out, you are able to save half the amount of your grocery cost or even more. However, cutting out coupons from magazines and newspapers can get tedious and tiring at times. You will need to cut it out one by one and organize the lot to avoid confusion. But now in this modern day and age of the Internet, anything is possible, even downloadable coupons! By using your preferred customer card, your discounts come automatically once you use loadable coupons. Listed below is a procedure on how you can qualify for and use loadable coupons to save money.

  • Get a preferred customer card. Also called store cards, you can get one at the grocery store you shop frequently. By signing up for the customer rewards program, you are giving yourself the opportunity to receive multiple discounts and the eligibility to get loadable coupons. Simply sign up at the grocery store or go to the website and register your name, address, zip code and other details that they may need. Once you are done with this, you will be able to receive your card after a short period of time.
  • Visit participating websites. Most of the time, the participating products are already affiliated with the supermarket you are a member of. By simply going back to the website of your grocery store, you are able to choose from a number of coupons and load them in your card.  You can do this by simply entering your card details in the required fields to have the coupon reflect on your membership card. You can also visit the companies’ websites to check for coupons that you can download on your card. To make things easier, visit Shortcuts to view a list of numerous coupons that you can add to your card. The website also shows which supermarkets are currently with the program of offering customer cards that can carry loadable coupons, so make sure that you check if your local store does participate in it.
  • Make your purchases. When you are at the checkout counter, simply present your card to the cashier before paying. Once the cashier scans you card, all the coupons will automatically deduct the prices of participating products. So if you only bought items that you know you have the coupons for, you can save a huge chunk of money when you do your grocery shopping. As an addition, ask a representative if you can use both the loadable card and your cut-out coupons for bigger savings.

By doing this very easy task, you can save a lot on your groceries every time you do them. This way, you also avoid the hassle of cutting out coupons all the time. By simply owning a card and going to the Internet, you can load your card with coupons whenever and wherever you are. However, even loadable coupons have expiry dates so make sure that you use them before time runs out! Good luck!


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