How To Use Men's Hair Products without Making your Hair Look Wet

The current market offers hundreds of styling products for men’s hair. You definitely have tons of choices – gels, creams, mousses! Although most of the quality brands out there work wonderfully, they can also make your hair greasy and yes, wet. But don’t get stressed. Here are some valuable tips on how you can prevent your hair from looking wet:

  • Know more about your hair type. Do you have a straight hair? Is it curly? Is it thin or thick? Is it oily or dry? By noting these factors, you can readily determine the suitable product for your hair. Aside from that, you can also figure out how often you should use that product and the amount you have to apply on your hair. Before buying any hair product, refer to the instructions. Generally, recommendations are indicated there. See if the details match your hair type. For example, you hair is naturally curly and you want to bring out that, find out if the hair product that you are eyeing can do that. Now, if your goal is to veer away from the wet look, stay away from products meant for dry hair. Why? They are certainly going to have more moisturizers.
  • Test the product’s compatibility to your hair type. Don’t immediate buy the product in volume. Get a sampler size first. Apply a small amount to your hair. Observe the results throughout the entire day. If everything meets you expectations, continue using the sample size. Once you have consumed it, decide if you wish to get more. Of course, if the product doesn’t satisfy your styling needs, move on to another one. Don’t forget that your choices are numerous.
  • Discover how to use the product better. Don’t make a habit of simply applying your hair product. Be more sensible. Now that you have found the suitable product for your hair type, strive to benefit more from it. After taking a shower, completely dry your hair. Use a towel. When your hair is already damp, follow your product’s instruction to the tee. Otherwise, try squeezing out a small amount of your hair product. It should not be bigger than a half dime. Add some more if your hair is a bit longer but it should not exceed the size of a whole dime. Carefully work it into your hands. Do it as if you were rubbing or applying cream on them. Make sure to spread it equally on both of your hands. After that, let your hands run through your damp hair. Start covering the front. Eventually, go can work the back part. Your goal is to distribute your product evenly and equally. You can’t afford to have clumping. Let your fingers help you throughout the application process. After you have applied the product, squeeze some more of your product. But limit it to a tidy dab on your finger tip. Use it to manage any unruly hair. Check out the final result.

If you wish to style your hair properly, give yourself ample time. Rushing can’t guarantee the finish that you desire. Whether you dry your hair naturally or with a blower, challenge yourself to apply your chose product carefully and evenly.


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