How To Use Music in a Cardio Kickboxing Workout

When doing cardio kickboxing workouts, one of the things that can help you make your workout easier and more bearable is good music playing as you go with your kickboxing routine. Using music can make the entire workout much more fun and much more enjoyable, and the variations in the music can also help as remind that you are finished with one type of workout or the other. The beats in the music can also serve as the timing for your moves. Here’s how you can use music in a cardio kickboxing workout.

  • Get upbeat songs. First of all, you need to select songs that are upbeat and lively. Remember, you will be moving a lot during your kickboxing workout. The last thing that you want is to be dragged down by slow music. Classic music, ballads, opera, and instrumentals are all good types of music, but when you are exercising, you need something that will keep you motivated, keep you awake, and keep you moving. Choose songs from upbeat genres, such as House, Dance, Funk, and other related genres.
  • Choose the tempo. Next, you will need to choose the tempo for your workout. Keep in mind that there are a lot of music players that will allow you to change the tempo in a particular song, especially if the song is saved in formats such as MIDI. There are some songs that are upbeat and lovely, but which needs a faster tempo. Use music editing programs to change the tempo, so that you will be able to move faster with a fast tempo helping you move along.
  • Consider your workout. Apart from the tempo, you also need to consider the various parts of your workout. There are various types and variations to the cardio kickboxing routine. Matching both the music and the routine to each other will allow you to get music that blends perfectly with your moves. This way, each beat in the music is coordinated with your moves. Naturally, you cannot always find a music that will match your workout. A good way to deal with this is to change your workout routine a little bit so that it is in perfect sync with the music.
  • Consider percussions and synthesizers. Next, choose the types of tools that are used in the music. For instance, music that is made using synthesizers and percussion usually make for excellent workout music, since the beats in these types of instruments are upbeat and lively. Horns, trumpets, and band instruments also work great for cardio kickboxing workouts. Avoid those with stringed instruments such as the piano, guitar, and others.

Finally, make sure that you choose your workout music that you like and which you are comfortable with. Remember, you will be listening to this music several times a week, which is why you need to make sure that the music is soothing for your ears. With these in mind, you should be able to use music in your cardio kickboxing workout routine.


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