How To Use Natural Products for Lip Wrinkles

Among the most dreaded signs of aging are lip wrinkles. As one matures, the lips slowly lose their plumpness and volume and are not spared from getting wrinkles. Although there are now some cosmetic treatments administered by cosmetic doctors, the procedure can cost you a fortune and its result is temporary. Imagine the money you have to spend with frequent treatments for this problem area alone. So why not try natural products for lip wrinkles? Consider these tips:

  • Keep close watch on your diet. Your lips, being a part of your body, also require nutritional boost from the foods you eat. Vitamin C and E rich fruits are particularly excellent in helping reduce lip wrinkles. Oranges, apples and kiwis are rich source of these nutrients so make sure you include these fruits in your daily diet.
  • Go for papayas. Called the beauty fruit, papaya has varied uses not only for one’s health but for maintaining youth and beauty as well. Slice a medium sized papaya in small cubes and place the slices in a blender. Add honey or yogurt and then blend well. Place the mixture in a clean jar and cover it tightly and store in the refrigerator. Take out just a right amount and apply on your lips. Let the papaya mixture stay on for a few minutes, allowing your lips to absorb the nutrients before washing off. When done regularly, this regimen will keep your lips looking lustrous and wrinkle free.
  • Gently take off dried skin. During cold weather, the lips suffer from dryness and irritation. Dead skin starts to form and the lips look wrinkled and ugly. To remedy this problem, exfoliate the lips with natural methods. First off, wet your lips with warm water. When the skin softens, get a paper towel or soft cloth and rub it gently on the lips until the dead skin falls off. Apply coconut oil on the lips and allow a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Moisturize your lips with quality lipstick. To use just any kind of lipstick is the worst thing you can do to your lips. Be choosy with the lipstick you put on your lips because those with poor quality might even damage your lips further. Choose a lipstick manufactured by reputable cosmetic companies. Make sure the lipstick you use also has moisturizers so your lips will not go dry at any given time.

    Mask off your lips with egg white. One very effective natural beauty treatment is the egg white. It is commonly used as a facial mask and it efficiently peels off blackheads and whiteheads as well as lessens fine wrinkles on the face. What is good for your face is also good for your lips. Use egg white to mask your lips off so the wrinkles are not so obvious anymore.

  • Drink water constantly. Indeed, water therapy works all the time. With enough water intake your body is continually hydrated hence delaying wrinkles from appearing prematurely. When you drink water, the lips get wet too – a good way to keep them moist.

Keeping lip wrinkles at bay is easy with natural products as long as you are willing to spend some time to go through the process. You should know however that exfoliating your lips must be done only every three to four days. Too much exfoliation can cause the thinning of the skin and might result to injury. If you smoke, quit the habit because smoking has been proven to cause permanent discoloration and wrinkles on the lips.


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