How To Use Natural Repellent Against Wasps

Wasps are insects whose diet consists of other insects, mostly pests. They do not prey on humans, only that they inhabit amongst us. They build their nests within our dwellings. Generally, they do not interfere with humans as long as their nests are not disturbed and destroyed. That is when they sting. Wasp stings can trigger an allergic reaction to the area that was stung. Venom from the wasps causes this reaction. There are certain medications that you can take to alleviate the allergic reaction brought about by the wasp sting, but if you can use chemical-free repellents, then why not? There are pesticides available that kill wasps but they have very harmful chemicals that are not good for the environment. You cannot really avoid wasps from nesting in your own nesting place, so if you encounter them, the best thing to do is to take steps to repel them from your home. These tips will show you how to use natural repellents against these pests. Read on.

  • Baby powder. When you are outdoors camping, fishing or just frolicking around, apply baby powder on exposed areas. Wasps are repelled by baby powder, as well as mosquitoes and bees. Keep a bottle of baby powder handy when you go outdoors with your family, especially when you have kids along.
  • White vinegar. When you are stung by a wasp, get a cotton ball and dip it white vinegar. The acid in the vinegar relieves the stinging feeling. Leave the cotton ball with vinegar on the area until you no longer feel any sting.
  • Bleach. This product is used to eliminate wasps from your garden and any other part of the house. If you see a nest, pour a sufficient amount of bleach that you use for your laundry. You will see that in no time wasps will die from the chemical components of bleach.
  • Do not wear bright clothes. When you are going outdoors, avoid wearing bright clothes because wasps are attracted to them. They like bright colors and when they see one, they come near it. And when you are the one with the bright color, tendencies are the wasps will sting you.
  • Skip the perfume. Another attraction for wasps is perfumes. Same with bright-colored clothes, when you will be outdoors, do not wear a heavy perfume if you do not want these wasps to come near you.
  • Water gun. This may seem like an unconventional wasp repellent, but it actually works. When you spot a wasp nest in your garden, prep your kid’s water gun and fill it with water. What you will do is to spray the nest with water to make them go away.
  • Cucumbers. Wasps like cucumbers, so if you want the wasps to feast on the cucumbers and not you take a piece of cucumber and slice it into pieces. When you are outdoors for a picnic or gathering, surround your area with cucumber slices so that the wasps will be distracted and feast on them instead of you.

When the wasps in your house decide to get violent after being disturbed and sting you, do not wait too long to take action against the sting. The venom from the wasp can be absorbed by your skin and if not treated immediately, may cause a serious allergic reaction.


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