How To Use Natural Ways to Induce Labor Safely

Pregnancy, labor and childbirth are the best moments of being a mother. Yes, they are painful but you get to feel the closeness and the bond that you and your child share. Babies come out whenever they are ready. As long as they are full term, they can come out in their own time. All that mothers can do is to wait. But sometimes there are circumstances that do not allow whenever the baby wants to come out. In these instances, labor must be induced to prevent any serious implications to you and to your baby. If you are a couple of days past your due date, then labor must definitely be induced because there is a high chance for the baby to swallow her own meconium, or her poop. Overdue babies have a higher tendency to poop in the womb. There are ways to induce labor naturally. Although medications act faster, natural ways are safer.

  • Have sex with your husband. Yes, as unusual as it may seem, sex can help induce labor. When you orgasm, the uterine muscles contract and the prostaglandins from your husband’s semen ripens the cervix, meaning the cervix is prepared to open. As long as your water bag has not yet broken, it is still safe to have sex even when you are due to give birth.
  • Take a warm bath. Prepare the tub and fill it with warm water and pour in some scented oil and light candles. Relax your muscles and release the tension that pregnancy has brought on you for the past nine months. Taking a warm bath will also ease your mind and get you ready for childbirth. When your mind and body are relaxed, labor will come naturally.
  • Walk around the house. This will make your baby go down your tummy a little more, getting her ready to come out. If you are already experiencing mild contractions, walking can help speed things up.
  • Meditate. Meditation relaxes the mind and preps you for childbirth. Envision a scene where you are giving birth and you are welcoming your child into this world. Do not think of labor and giving birth as a very painful process, but ways to see your child after nine months.
  • Stimulate your nipples. This process releases oxytocin, which causes contractions. Your midwife or nurse can do this for you if you do not know how.
  • Talk to your baby. Communication between the mother and child even when the child is still in the tummy is essential. This forms the bond that you will have when she comes out into this world. Talk to her, encourage her and ask her not to give you a hard time giving birth to her.

When you feel the first symptoms of labor, do not wait too long till you get to the hospital or birthing center. There is a chance that you may not make it in time and give birth on the way. Although it will be a memorable moment, it is not safe for your, especially for the baby. A few days before your due date, grab a bag and prepare the things that both you and the baby will need during your stay in the hospital. It always pays to be ready.


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