How To Use Nokia PC Suite

Gone are the days when cell phones were used for calling or texting only. Nokia, the forerunner in making cell phones, has revolutionized the way cell phones work. It has included in its cell phones camera, multi-media players, Internet browser, and many more. Because of this, people become more and more dependent on cell phone use. Different files and documents are now stored in cell phones. Fortunately, Nokia users should no longer be afraid of losing all these files and docs in case their phones get lost. Because of Nokia PC Suite, its users are allowed to duplicate all their phone contents on their computers. Imagine losing your phone and there’s no Nokia PC Suite. All your contacts, text messages, audio files, video files, photos and other phone contents would be lost forever. Go get your Nokia PC Suite! Discussed below are the ways on how to use Nokia PC Suite.

  • Download and install Nokia PC Suite on your computer. You can download Nokia PC Suite at Nokia PC Suite web site. The first process in installing it is to download it. Once you begin the installation, a popup Security Warning window will appear. Click Run so the downloading process would commence. Once the download is done, click Run once again. A window would then pop up prompting you to choose what language the installation instructions would be. Just choose your desired language. A Welcome and introduction window would then appear. Continue installation by accepting the terms and conditions by selecting the icon beside “I accept the terms and conditions”, and click Continue Installation. You would then be given the option to choose the folder where you can save Nokia PC Suite. Select where to save it, and then click Continue installation. The installation proper would now begin. It may take several minute, depending on how fast your computer system is. To complete the installation, click Finish. To make use of the program, you should restart your computer first.
  • Connect the cell phone to your computer using a USB cable. If you purchase a Nokia cell phone, and if the cell phone supports Nokia PC Suite, most probably there is a USB cable with it. If there is none, simply purchase it in any Nokia Stores. To connect you phone to your PC, plug the smaller end of the USB cable to your phone, and plug the larger end of the cable to a regular USB socket on your PC. Nokia PC Suite should automatically recognize your phone, provided that the latter is properly plugged and the former is correctly installed.
  • There are two program settings to choose from. First, choose Data Transfer Mode if you want to transfer files from your computer to your cell phone using “drag and drop” system. You can transfer files from your phone to your PC and vice-versa by simply clicking on the item and dragging it from one folder to another folder. And second, you can opt to use Nokia Mode. Using this option allows you to utilize a variety of things, such as “Backup Phone”, with just a click of a button.

Take advantage of Nokia PC Suite for a more hassle-free system of transferring files from your computer to your phone and vice-versa.


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