How To Use Pencil Eyeliner

Eyes are the windows of your soul, as they say. They reflect your mood and even your personality. Why don’t you use your eyes to make you look like someone with a better mood and better personality? Use make-up tricks for bolder eyes, smaller eyes, or bigger eyes. The base of every eye make-up, however, is the pencil eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner can also be used but it can be messy if applied incorrectly. With pencil eyeliner, you have more control on how you apply the makeup. Follow the steps below on how to properly use pencil eyeliner:

  • Start with a clean face. Never apply make-up onto a dirty face. Besides causing allergic reactions on the face, doing so will encourage dirt build-up on the make-up. There is no special way to clean the face for make-up. Just do your usual facial cleaning routine. Apply moisturizer, too. Follow it with concealer and then foundation or pressed powder.
  • Choose the right pencil eyeliner color. Pencil eyeliners usually come in brown and black. Use brown for lighter hair colors and black for darker hair colors. The key here is to look as natural as possible. So use a pencil eyeliner color that is closest to your hair color.
  • Prepare the eyeliner. It should produce thin lines. Otherwise, you will look like you have overdone your makeup. Sharpen the eyeliner or make the tip thinner by sweeping the sides on a paper tissue.
  • Hold the pencil eyeliner just the same as holding a regular pencil. Use your dominant hand for this so that you can easily control the force. Use the other hand to stretch the skin for easier application.
  • Use the pencil eyeliner. Think about your desired look for the eyes. The basic way of applying the pencil eyeliner is from the inside to the outside, just following the eyelashes’ line. The eyeliner’s basic purpose is to make the eyelashes appear fuller, that’s why it should be applied on the eyelash lines. Start applying on the upper lashes and then follow it on the lower lashes. When applying, focus on the part that you are working and not the entire eye.
  • Try some eyeliner tricks for different looks. Make your eyes appear bigger and more dramatic by applying thicker lines on the outside than the inside. Another way is to apply thin lines on the inner, thicker on the middle, and then sweeping up at the outer part. For a smoky eye effect, apply thicker line on the middle and then smudge the liner with your finger or q-tip. For a cat's eye effect, apply the eyeliner to the skin closest to the eye. Apply from the inside all the way to the outside and then finish it with a sweep up. Follow the same procedures for the lower lid.

Applying the pencil eyeliner is just a part of the entire make-up process. In fact, you still have to apply concealer and foundation before using the pencil eyeliner. After application, you could continue with more make-up procedures like smudging the eye lines, adding a bit of shimmering eye liner, applying eye shadow, and putting on mascara. The specific procedures will depend upon your desired effect. At least now, you already know how to use the eyeliner pencil.


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