How To Use Plug-Ins for Childproofing Outlet Covers

Babies love exploring. They’re inquisitive by nature. It’s hard for them to stop roaming once they become intuitive. They always love to touch and play with everything, even with electrical outlets. Electrical outlets are one of the hazards that may expose babies to the risk of electrocution. Always ensure the safety of babies and toddlers by childproofing outlets. Below are practical ideas to protect children from electrical outlets using plug-ins.

  • Buy electrical outlets that can be covered. Visit a local electrical supply shop and choose among the selection of plug-ins. Among them are outlets with slide covers and pluggable outlet covers. Plastic covers are cheaper but little children can remove them easily. On the other hand, outlets with slide covers are effective child safety measures against electrocution. A spring will automatically slide into the outlet’s cover plate each time a child tries to pull the electrical plug. However, the faceplate of the outlet needs to be replaced first. They are also costlier than pluggable covers, which are inserted in electrical outlets like ordinary plugs. It will prevent children from accessing electrical outlets and inserting various items into the electrical holes. Choose hard pluggable outlet covers. Children have the tendency to always find ways in accomplishing what they want.
  • Arrange furniture and furnishings in your residence. Use them to cover electrical outlets without obstructing passageways and still achieve interior design aesthetics.
  • Arrange electrical cords and wires. They pose another hazard for children. Babies and toddlers can chew them. They might also pull them which can cause things to fall. So, besides childproofing cords and wires, ensure that there are no heavy objects in edges of tables and cabinets.
  • Childproof children from electrical outlets when traveling. There are times when you will need to travel and stay someplace else like hotels. Always bring a roll of masking tape so you can secure cords and wires in place, and you can cover outlets.
  • Consider hiring a babysitter. This is a practical solution to protect children from hazards like electrocution. You just need to study and check the background of your preferred babysitter to ensure that she has no criminal record and that she has the experience to tend to the children properly.
  • Keep reminding the children of possible dangers. Two year old babies can understand things already. They are just naughty and have a natural tendency to explore. However, they have the tendency to forget things as well. Reminders are also an effective way of keeping them safe.
  • Make appropriate layout for electrical outlets. This is only practical if you are at the planning stage of building a house. Tell the electrical engineer that the outlets must be placed higher than usual, where children won’t be able to reach them. If you’re planning to buy a pre-owned house, check and analyze the layout of the electrical wirings and electrical outlets to ensure safety.

Focus and knowhow are two important things that a parent or a babysitter must have when tending children. Besides electrical outlets, think on how to protect little children from other possible home hazards.


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