How To Use Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is one of the fundamental tools in a woman’s beauty kit. Metro-sexual men use it, too. Use powder foundation if you have oily skin to keep your face smooth and fresh looking all day long. It will help you build confidence if you’re meeting people frequently under hectic circumstances and you don’t have enough time to retouch. Below are guides on how to use powder foundation:

  • Select a foundation makeup. Visit a beauty store and test different powder foundation makeup. Apply your preferred foundation on your jaw line and neck to determine if it complements your skin tone. Consider cheap brands because some have the same quality with the more expensive ones. Don’t change foundation brands easily for it might irritate skin. Always use the brands of beauty product that your skin is accustomed to. If you’re new in foundation makeup, ask advice from friends who're using it to determine the best brands. Also, read books or read online forums about beauty products to get suggestions from users and beauty care experts. What’s important in choosing foundation is the color compatibility to your skin. Other factors are only secondary.
  • Use a makeup brush or makeup puff. Prefer fluffy brush as possible. Swirl the brush into your powder foundation to get enough powder. Always tap excess powder after the application to keep the brush clean. Remember not to let anyone use your powder brush for hygienic purpose. Apply the foundation in natural light to determine if the powder on your skin is too much. Use a darker shade during summer for a tan effect.
  • Apply the foundation lightly. Apply it on every section of your face, including the eyelids. Use your makeup brush and make downward circular strokes. You must have a light hand in the application to achieve a natural look. Blend the foundation color into your neck area and jaw. Make another light layer as needed for an even coverage and tone. Don’t overdo the foundation because it will look awkward. Ask someone for advice if you’re new in using foundation.
  • Use a cotton swab with little water to remove excess powder. Lightly damp or run the cotton swab into your eyebrows and eyelashes to remove highlighted powder. Consider eyebrow wax pencil and clear mascara if you have budget.
  • Wash your face and neck after. Dirt and oil can accumulate between the foundation and your face and give you skin discomforts like pimples, and rashes. Don’t use antibacterial or strong scented soap in your face as possible to avoid dry skin.
  • Maintain the good condition of your makeup kit. Store the beauty kit in a dry and cool place. Regularly wash your makeup brush with soap and running water. Use hot water to wash off accumulated oil and grease in the brush. Change the brush if the tips aren’t sharp anymore.

Complement your facial powder application with other makeup like lipstick and eyeliner. Visiting a derma can help you ensure if your powder foundation and other makeup kits are safe for your skin type. If they aren’t safe, then she’ll give you safer products. Also, live a healthier lifestyle for a better skin tone. Avoid stress and have a positive outlook in life to make you look and feel more beautiful.


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