How To Use Proin for Dogs to Treat Canine Urinary Incontinence

Even dogs go through urinary incontinence, poor things, but more than the mess they leave behind, urinary incontinence affects dogs’ health and well-being. Frequent urination because of incontinence causes their skin to become painfully infected and inflamed and their bladders to give out over time. As a dog owner, you must remember that your dog doesn’t urinate indiscriminately to annoy you. Even well-trained dogs can’t help but go when they need to go when they are suffering from incontinence and especially when your dog has just given birth or is already well-advanced in years. To address this problem, there is a supplemental product made from phenylpropanalamine (ppa) that helps keep urinary incontinence in check. This product is called Proin™ 50.

Here’s how to use it for dogs.

  • Seek the help of a veterinarian. Proin™50 is often the most-recommended dosage for urinary incontinence in dogs but there are other available doses e.g. Proin ™ 25/75 and of course, there’s the Proin™ drops. To know which one is safe and effective for your dog, consult your dog’s vet. Discuss the situation and have your dog undergo a thorough examination before proceeding. Part of the examination is to determine the reason behind the health problem so be prepared to spend a long time at the vet’s office for blood tests and urine collection. Your vet might even recommend an overnight stay at the hospital for observation.
  • Administer Proin according to directions. Following vet’s orders, you will most likely administer this medication to your dog two to three times a day or at every 12-hour interval. This vanilla-flavored medication is something your dog will like so you don’t have to worry about administering this at all. The tablet by the way is chewable.
  • Strictly adhere to the treatment period. Proin should be taken for five days straight but the treatment period largely rests upon the recommendation of your dog’s veterinarian. Observe improvements in your dog judging by the frequency of his urination and the amount of urine he lets out. You will notice very obvious improvements mere days after administering Proin.
  • Lower the dosage as you see your dog making progress. Here’s the real score. Your dog will improve but he won’t be able to fully recover from urinary incontinence if you stop administering Proin. Discuss this further with your dog’s vet and take the recommended dosage it takes to make sure your dog stays free from continued incontinence.

    Now that you are aware of the proper dosage and administration of Proin, you must also be prepared for the side effects of this medication on your dog. These are:

    • Lack of appetite
    • Restlessness or hyper-excitability
    • Marked swelling of the tongue and lips
    • Faster heart rate
    • Hives
    • Irritability
    • High-blood pressure

When you see your dog exhibiting some or all of these symptoms do not waste time. Bring your dog immediately to the vet.

Proin should never be mixed with other drugs like digoxin, aspirin, clomipramine, and atenolol. Additionally, tell your vet if your dog is diabetic or suffers from glaucoma. In short, make sure your dog gets a clean bill of health before administering Proin.


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