How To Use Pyramid or Box Traps in Crabbing

Have you always wanted to bring your kids crabbing? What’s holding you back then? Oh, it’s the scary thought running through your head about a crab or two getting out of the trap and coming at you pincers waving about menacingly? You’ve been watching too many horror movies, and this is what’s behind your fear! Get off the couch and take your kids to the pier! There’s a great and safe way to catch crabs and that’s through the use of Pyramids or Box traps! Here’s how it’s done!

You’ll need the following. Aside from Pyramids or Box traps, you’ll need a pair of sturdy gloves to hold the line, bait bag, bait, and a large bucket with a cover so that the crabs don’t get out.

  • Make sure it’s crab season. The best time to catch fat crabs is during October through January when the weather’s chilly.
  • Get to the pier early. It’s a lot more comfortable to get there early when there aren’t that many crabbing enthusiasts to share a space with. Also, you can pick or move from spot to spot for a heftier harvest of crabs.
  • Prepare the bait. Place the bait composed of fish heads, bull lips, or turkey necks on the bait bag provided. In case you’re wondering what the bait bag looks like, it’s the small mesh bag that’s inside the pyramid or box trap. Use that one and place your baits inside.
  • Place the bait at the center of the trap. You can use the string on the bait bag to secure it to the center of the trap.
  • Adjust the strap on the box trap. Naturally, the trap will have to be open at the bottom of the water for the crabs to walk into. Therefore, you’ll need to adjust the strap so that it opens up as you lower the trap into the water.
  • Get a grip on the line as you lower the trap into the water. Better wear your gloves now. The trap won’t be heavy as you heave it slowly into the water but lifting it out of the water when it’s heavy with crabs is another matter. Lower the trap into the water now. Stop only until the trap has settled into the water’s bottom.
  • Secure the line. You can cool your heels while waiting by using the pier’s rails to hold the line for you. All that you need to do is tie the line and wait for five minutes or so to lift the trap up from the water.
  • Test the line. If there’s a bit of weight or resistance that cannot be attributed to the current, you’ve just caught your first crab haul of the day!
  • Haul in your catch. Pull the trap up. Lift the side panel off the trap and turn the opening over to the bucket. Transfer your catch to the bucket and shake the trap thoroughly until all the crabs are inside the bucket. Then replace the cover of the bucket so no crab escapes.

Repeat the entire process until you are happy with your haul. Now go home and enjoy a crab fest feast! Good job!


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