How To Use Rhythm Techniques in Tap Dance

Tap dance has become a popular form of dance that originated in America. Its name actually came from the tapping sound created from the metal plates of the shoes of the dancers. Tap dancing has become a fun and exciting form of art because you are able to be both a musician and dancer at the same time. You need well trained feet in order to make wonderful rhythms without any musical accompaniment. One of the most common styles of tap dance is the “classical tap”, wherein dancers use their upper bodies and arms in blending ballet and jazz movements into tap routines. It takes a lot of practice in order to master tap dancing. It is essential that you know the proper skills in using rhythm techniques.

Get your tap shoes, go to the dance floor and follow these steps:

  • Do active listening. Active listening is important because you have to learn the proper timing in tap dance. Listen to the tapping on the floor as your instructor instructs you to do a new dance step. Remember that the tap sounds are equally important as your feet’s movements. They both enable you to develop the right techniques in tap dancing.
  • Do your tap steps. Study the steps in tap dancing carefully. Learn the proper position of your ankle, foot, tap, and shoe. Do the counting in your mind as you do your tap steps. Make sure that you concentrate on your counting. Make it a habit to practice every new step using the exact counts. This will help you in mastering the tap sounds that you make.
  • Develop tapping techniques. Imbibe the flow and rhythm of your tap steps through regular practice. This will make you more confident, enabling you to know when and how to put emphasis on particular steps, taps, stomps, and brushes. With constant practice, you will be able to develop several techniques that will complement your movement and styles in tap dance. Determine what sound you wish to create. Repeat the steps over and over again until you finally get that particular sound that you are aiming for. Remember that rhythm and technique go together in tap dance.

Now you are ready to perform a tap dance. Just remember that focus and creativity are key ingredients in impressive tap dancing. As you feel more confident with each step, you can finally increase your speed in dancing. Just make sure that as you pick up speed, maintain your rhythmic balance. Your steps should be in time with the beats and counts for you to demonstrate the proper techniques. Tap dancing is a good form of exercise, because it allows you to do muscle movements that do not require strenuous effort on your part. Combine tap dance with balanced diet and adequate sleep, and you are sure to have a very healthy lifestyle soon. At first, you can ask help from professional tap dancers for you to know the correct movements. But once you already know the basics and you have practiced regularly, you can do tap dancing all by yourself. You can even teach it to your family members and friends for more enjoyable dance sessions.


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