How To Use SanDisk in a Blackberry

A Blackberry is quite a versatile and handy portable device. It has everything you need in a mobile phone and more.  You can send emails, listen to music, view photos, and fix your daily schedule on it. 
Now, if you are worried about storage space, know that it comes with a pretty decent one built in.  And, if that is not enough, you can always insert a memory or microSD card for additional storage space.  When it comes to microSD cards, you can never go wrong with SanDisk.  It is a brand you can trust.  Here are some tips on how to use this particular memory card brand in your Blackberry.

  • Carrier for storage. The operating system of a BlackBerry can carry any microSD card. A microSD card is basically tiny memory card that can double as a portable hard disk. Being a multi-tasking and multimedia device, the Blackberry needs a boost in the storage department. SanDisk is a well-known manufacturer of easy sharing and mobile memory cards. The microSD card line of SanDisk is practical, affordable, and quite dependable.
  • Know what your Blackberry needs. The memory card you can use will really depend on the operating system you are currently using in your Blackberry.  To be sure that you have the right memory card, here is a list to check out before purchasing one. A memory card of up to 2GB will run on a Blackberry using the 4.2.0 version software. A size of up to 4GB can be used for Blackberry Device Software versions 4.2.1 and, and the 8GB capacity is for Version 4.3 and 4.5. 16GB holds for Version and up while the 32 GB supports 4.6.0 and later. The difference between the microSD and microSDHC is in the capacity. SDHC stands for a higher capacity. Check the software version your Blackberry is running and base the memory card you purchase on it.
  • Installing the SanDisk card into your Blackberry. You should not have any difficulty with this. The phone itself should have a slot for it. Depending on the model, the slot can be found on the left or right side of the phone or underneath the battery compartment.  If it is the latter, you will have to open the back part of your phone by lifting the latch, remove the cover, remove the battery, and insert the card into the slot. If you can’t find the slot, consult the user’s manual.
    Regardless of where the slot is, you will need to turn the phone off before inserting the card.
    Upon turning on the unit you will see a message on your screen stating ‘Memory Card Detected.” Click on the Options screen and on the Media Card link. Click on the Media Card Settings and make sure that you select Media Card Support On. Click on Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected as ‘Prompt’ or ‘Yes.’

Now you are ready to load up the memory card with media rich files and existing documents from your PC to your Blackberry and back in no time. Any difficulty from the installation or an error produced can be relayed straight to the SanDisk through their website or accredited customer support channels.


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