How To Use Sea Salt to Cure Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus has been one of the causes of uneasiness and embarrassment for people who have it. It makes people conscious, as it gives the nails a yellowish discolored appearance. It is unattractive and, worse, there may be times when it becomes painful. Having it treated may be a little expensive as you spend more on medications and doctor visits. What people do not know is that there is a natural way of doing it that would not require them to spend a lot.

Sea salt is widely popular today because of its cooking and cosmetic uses. It has a distinct taste compared to more common salts because of its mineral content. It is generally more expensive compared to table salt, but highly useful. Its popularity may obviously be geared towards cooking, but it also has its own uses when it comes to treating particular body diseases and infections. With this use, sea salt may be considered as an inexpensive treatment means compared to medications. If you are one of those who are looking for less costly options in treating toenail fungus, reading the instructions below will be much beneficial to you. These are the basic guidelines and instructions in using sea salt to treat toenail fungus.

  • Trim. First, trim and file down your infected toenail. As much as you can take it, keep on trimming and filing it down to lessen the infected part. Doing this will enable your sea salt to reach infected areas more effectively.
  • Prepare basin with water. Pour hot water into your foot basin. Do not put too much water. Just pour an amount enough to cover the toes. The temperature of the water should be the hottest that your feet can stand.
  • Place towel. Get a towel and roll it up under your foot basin. Put it in the end closer to you, opposite to where the toes will be. When you have put the towel under, you will see that the basin tilts and the water goes to your toes.
  • Add hydrogen peroxide. Remove your feet from the basin. Pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the same basin. Now, your toes can be dipped slowly in the water.
  • Use sea salt. Remove your toes again from the water. Get your sea salt and pour it on your toes. Just wait for 3 minutes for the sea salt to actually be on your toenail. While your toes are with the sea salt are outside the basin, add 1.5 cups of ground sea salt into the basin with water and hydrogen peroxide. After, put your toes back in the water with hydrogen peroxide to soak. For about 30 minutes.
  • Remove toes from water. After 30 minutes, you may now put your toes out of the basin again. Dry by simply patting them. Start massaging gently your toes and feet. This shall help in promoting circulation to this area.
  • Apply vinegar. Put one to two drops of vinegar to your infected toenail. Make sure that it is exposed. Do not wear socks or shoes. You may wear slippers and sandals if you are going out.

Do this procedure everyday or just as often as you can until you observe that the infection is gone. However, you may still have to do this at least every week even when it is gone. This will stop the infection from coming back.


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