How To Use Spelling and Grammar Checking in Word

Writing is a form of expression that will most certainly leave a lasting impression to the readers and even the critics. A spoken word, speech, or oration will imprint a powerful moment in the audience’s mind but that moment will soon be gone when the listeners leave the auditorium. A song or a musical performance will strike the heart of the audience once symphony lands in the ears but that moment will be over too soon as the concerto is over. Written words of strong emotions, great conflicts, epic sagas, pinpoint analysis, life-changing reportage and even quotes last forever.

The Microsoft Word application found in Windows will help you a great deal in writing your masterpieces. It has formatting functions that will make writing essays, scripts, short stories, novels and term papers easier and faster. But one of the most important functions found in Microsoft Word is the spelling and grammar check. To make sure you leave a legacy and not typos, here are some tips on how to use spelling and grammar checking in Word.

  • Check for the Right Tools. For you to be able to use the Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checking feature, there are some things that you must prepare. First off, make sure that your computer has the software Microsoft Word. Another thing to do is to make sure that the software is updated so all the errata’s in the English dictionary is included. You will also need a manuscript or a word document for your computer to check. A good working computer is also in order. Have these things ready and you are all set for this project.
  • Editing Tip. For aspiring writers, keep this quote from Finding Forrester in mind. “No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!” Have the liberty to write in white heat. But edit in cold blood.
  • Icon for Editing. To get to your Microsoft Word’s editing feature, there are some steps that you have to take. The first step is to go to your toolbar. Look closely. And from there you will find a button that is called the Spelling and Grammar tab. For easier reference, look for the tool bar option that has the letters “ABC” on it. Another way to access this feature is through your Microsoft Word’s Tool option. Toggle it and then choose the Spelling and Grammar option found in the list of things that you can do.
  • The Editing Window. The good thing about Microsoft Word’s editing feature is that it takes you directly to the correction. The Spelling and Grammar Word window is a space that shows you the errors and allows you to correct it right there and then. This window will keep on aiding you until you have corrected all of the errors that you have committed while typing your manuscript or essay. The editing window offers you three actions. The first is to change the error according to the checker’s recommendation. The second one is to ignore it. And the last option is for you to correct it yourself.

Remember you should write in white heat for you will get the best words out in process. And never worry for you can, always in cold blood, and with the help of the Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar check.


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