How To Use Stretchy Headbands to Style your Hair

One of the most flexible head accessories that a girl can have is a stretchy headband. Depending on the design of the headband, it can function as a ponytail holder, a headband, wrist band, or even a main hairpiece. If you are into headbands, particularly the stretchy ones that are coming back in fashion, then this article is just right for you. Get a couple of different styled headbands so that you can match it according to the occasion.

Materials that you will need:
Several kinds of stretchy headbands (glittery, simple, floral etc.)
Comb or brush
Hair spray (optional)
Pins and other hair accessories

  • Doing a simple sporty up do. For the most basic use of the stretchy headbands, you can use it to part your hair when you are in a sporty routine or just when you need your hair out of your face. You can place a simple headband over your head until it reaches down your neck. Then with a comb or a hair brush, part your hair until all of it is swept behind your head neatly. Then slowly bring up the elastic headband to your forehead, with the other half just on your nape. This should flatten the hair on your forehead, and slowly push it upwards to your hairline. Depending on how strenuous your activity is, you might need to reposition it once in a while to keep your hair out of your face.
  • Using bejeweled headbands for formal events. You can also use the stretchy headbands for a formal event. If you manage to get bejeweled ones or glittery pieces, these would fit perfectly for night parties or formal events. You can wear them with how you would wear sporty headbands or you can loosen up your hair a bit. You can start by blow drying your hair and putting on some hair spray so that it has volume. Tousle your hair a bit and if you want, can even apply benders to them to give it a little curl. Next, pull down the headband through your head until it reaches your neck. With your fingers, try to get most of your hair pulled back but leave some loose tendrils on the sides for a less uptight look. Pull up the headband slowly and when you get to the part of your forehead, lift it up a bit so that it doesn’t flatten the hair near your forehead. Let it settle at the top of your head with the opposite end at the nape of your head.
  • Using headbands as ponytails. If ever you have purchased an elastic headband that is not too thick, preferably a plain one without any jewels that can also double as a ponytail holder. You can do this by pulling your hair up, whether via a comb or a brush or just with your fingers for a more relaxed look. Then when you have gathered all of your hair at the back of your head, use the headband to wrap it around the bun to form a ponytail. You can choose if you want a very polished and tight ponytail or a more romantic, loose ponytail.

There are many other uses to a stretchy headband and since they almost never go out of fashion (and most are actually cheap), you can have as many headbands as you want.


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