How To Use Sunless Tanning Tips

Getting a nice bronze tan is the in-thing nowadays.  It is quite common to see famous celebrities and actresses sporting skin with a golden and shimmering hue.  Obviously, the most effective way to get an even tan is by roasting your body under the sun.  Unfortunately, it is also the unhealthiest way due to the risks of skin cancer and other skin conditions.  Remember, the UV rays of the sun are not really considered skin-friendly.  The same goes with tanning beds.  Yes, you can maybe consider going to those spray tanning salons to get the tan you want.  The only problem is that these tanning salons cost quite a bit of dough and the tanning treatment is not as consistent and even in these places.  That said you are left with the many self-tanning products commercially available, the ones that do not require lying under the sun.  Here are some tips on how to use these types of products.

  • Opt for a gradual tan.  To get the perfect tan, it is important to only use products that will suit your natural skin tone.  The trick here is to get a number of tanning products with lighter to darker shade.  Start with the lighter one to gradually create the impression of the tan.  As you progress and as the tan begins to appear, move on to a darker tanning product until you achieve the right tone.  Doing this will prevent the sudden tan that may turn your skin tone to an orange hue instead of a bronze one, which will give you that perfectly natural tan.
  • Exfoliating is key.  When applying any of these tanning products, it is important to know that it will last longer if it was applied right after a full exfoliation of your skin.  Without proper exfoliation, your skin will have large amounts of dead skin.  If you tan with these dead skin pieces still on your skin, know that you will soon find your skin blotched with your natural tone, a tone lighter than the tan you have applied.
  • Moisturize before application.  In order to get an even tan, it is recommended to apply moisturizer on your skin prior to the application of any tanning product.  This is especially important on certain parts of the body that are often dry such as your elbows, your ankles, your heels, and knees.  This is because these particular areas will most likely soak up more of the tan than your other body parts.
  • Start tanning.  Before proceeding with the tanning product application, make sure that you wear gloves.  This is to prevent your hands turn orange with the product.  Once you are done with the majority of your body, you can always remove the gloves to apply some of the product on your hands.  
  • Alright, when tanning using a sunless product, it is important to apply body part by body part.  This may be a tedious process but it will ensure an even tan.  It will also help prevent you from forgetting to tan certain areas of your body.  In addition, make sure to include the hairline, the skin around the eyes, the ears, and the like.

Finally, take note of the fact that not all the parts of the body should have the same tanned shade and depth as the other more exposed parts.  For instance, the arms.  The top part should definitely have a darker tan than the bottom part.  The same goes with the inner sides of the thighs.


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