How To Use Tassel Tiebacks

If you are decorating your home, you should include in your shopping list simple yet elegant tassel tiebacks. There is a wide variety of these home decors in the market that you can choose from. They are sure to effectively compliment your windows and enhance your home as a whole. Tassel tiebacks primarily hold your curtains or draperies intact, allowing natural light to come into your room. Proper lighting and ventilation are very important if you wish to have a cozy and comfortable ambiance in your house. You can choose decorative tassels; some are even beaded and sequined. But no matter what design you choose, be sure that the tassel tiebacks suit your taste and preference. You simply need your window hardware in order to install the tassels.

Follow these tips in using your tassels:

  • Choose your preferred tassel. Tassels are meant to enhance the over-all appearance of your house’s rooms. Identify the “look” that you want your house to have, and then go search for the perfect tassel. Most home specialty stores offer different types of tassels. There are those that are made of cotton, silk, and other high class raw materials. There are a lot of patterns and sizes that you can choose from. You may also ask the supplier to customize the tassels according to your preferred size, material, and design. Common types of tiebacks include decorative, rope, cotton, and wooden tiebacks. Once you have the tassel tieback that you want, then you can install your window hardware in order to hold together the tassels’ ends.
  • Be creative. While tassels are primarily bought or made to secure your curtains or draperies at home, there are a lot of things that you can also accent using these attractive decors. For one, you can try attaching a tassel to the chain of your ceiling fan. You may also opt to hang it on your bookcase’s knob or wrap it around a decorative pillow. You can also choose to come up with a pretty bowl filled with several pieces of tassels. Look around your house and you will find some furniture or fixtures that may be enhanced by attaching tassel tiebacks.

Using tassel tiebacks is a sure fire way to lighten up your whole house. It opens up your windows, allowing light to enter your rooms. Good lighting is indeed essential if you wish to have a great place to stay in. Tiebacks, especially the decorative ones also add spice to your space. They are home decors that can serve as conversation pieces with your guests and visitors. That’s why it is important that you should carefully choose the kind of tassel that you will have. Your choice can also reflect the taste that you have when it comes to home decorations. Search the Internet and you will find reputable suppliers and manufacturers of beautifully made tassel tiebacks. You can also ask around your neighborhood which shops you should go to if you want to buy the tassels that will fit your home. Compare the prices, design, raw material, and of course the durability of the tassels that you are eyeing before buying them.


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