How To Use Tattoos to Enhance Body Modification

Inking your skin is one of those ancient arts that is still alive today.  Back in ancient times, tattoos were used in different cultures to symbolize achievements and acceptance within a community.  Some cultures even consider getting a tattoo a rite of passage.  However, most cultures view tattoos as a way to beautify and modify the body.

Today, the same purpose rings true.  While some people may consider getting a tattoo by impulse, the reality is that most people get tattoos to improve their body image and persona.  If you really think about it, tattoos, piercings, and other cosmetic enhancement provide the same thing, a way to look better.  Below are some worthwhile tips on how to utilize tattoos to modify the different parts of your body, whether you want to look cool or if you want to conceal a flaw.

  • Use tattoos as makeup. If you already have piercings, you might want to use tattoos to enhance the eyebrows and lips. This can add oomph to these facial features as it will complement the existing piercing. Makeup tattoos often come in any color that you like. It is your choice when it comes to the intensity or darkness of these tattoos. Even if you do not have piercings, putting on makeup tattoo will definitely enhance your facial features especially if you have thin eyebrows or lips that have darkened because of smoking.
  • Accessorize your tattoos. You can do it the other way around. You can have a tattoo then enhance the inked image by adding piercings to complement the design. You can put tattoos on your ears, around the belly button, or other parts of the body where you can install those metal accessories.
  • Create a 3-D effect. Some of you may not be familiar with this tattoo option.  Technically, you can add a tat on your body that will make it look like 3-D art.  Basically, it will entail implanting the tattoo on the selected part of the body.  The tattoo will be somewhat embossed, allowing you to feel the grooves of the reliefs within the image.  This is a great option if you want to add depth to your body’s ink design.
  • Enhance by cutting and branding. In enhancing your body modifications, you may use the scarification method. This method is just a subtle modification in the sense that they can easily fade after a few days. That would, however, depend on your skin type. This method can add more impact to your tattoo as well. Much fiercer elements are added to your tattoo so it will get more noticeable.  Of course, this particular method will only provide a temporary image.
  • Another simple enhancement that you could do is making your tattoo colorful. Although black is the most common color used in tattoos, you can consider adding white for smoky effects and other colors for more drama.

Now, since tattoos are usually permanent, anyone considering getting inked should think twice.  Yes, you may argue that laser surgery can remove any type of tattoo.  However, do note that tattoo removal is extremely painful on the body and on your wallet.  That said make sure to think it through before taking the leap that may lead you to a world of regret later on.


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