How To Use the Bowflex T Bar

The Bowflex T Bar is one of the many popular options for home exercise equipment that one can find available nowadays. Just like many other similar products, the Bowflex T Bar is a piece of gym equipment that focuses more on resistance training rather than actual weight or cardio training. With the bar having a shorter length than usual, the Bowflex T Bar forces you to maintain a narrower grip on the bar as you do your exercises, making the workout more intense and challenging than usual.

  • Always secure your equipment before use. When working with any gym equipment, even free weights, be sure to check first that the locks are securely in place and everything is properly set up. The last thing you want is to have some form of technical malfunction while you do your exercises.
  • Start with the arms and the back. The Bowflex T Bar should be attached to the high cable of the workout machine. With both feet planted facing the machine, legs comfortably apart, with the knees slightly bent, hold the T Bar between both hands and with your back kept straight and your eyes focused ahead of you, lower the bar towards your thighs. Try not to move your elbows as you do the repetitions in order to focus the effort to come more from your back.
  • Now shift to the arms. After a good set of repetitions, grasp the T Bar from the high cable attachment with your hands with your palms facing the floor. Pull the bar down and feel the effort coming from your triceps as you bring the bar to the level of your upper chest. Then slowly return to starting position.
  • Time to row. If you have a middle attachment, you can connect the T Bar to the middle cable and sit facing the machine. The rowing exercise nicely targets your midsection, back and arms. Hold the T Bar with your arms extended and with an exhale, pull the T Bar towards your chest. Slowly straighten arms again, without locking the elbows, and end at starting position. Do not rush the motions.
  • And finally, get those biceps growing. Still in a sitting position, the T Bar should now be attached to the middle cable, and held in your hands with the palms facing the ceiling. Legs should be spaced slightly apart to accommodate the middle cable. Lean forward without trapping your stomach and keep your arms close together. While exhaling, pull the T Bar upwards, towards your chin and then stop for a full three to five seconds, before slowly bringing it back towards your thighs. You should feel the burn on your biceps and forearms.
  • Other ways to increase the effectiveness of your resistance training:  If you want to make the most of every exercise session, here are some recommended ways you can increase the intensity and challenge of your workout.
  • Drop sets. Rather than simply sticking to a single specific weight, try using three different values. The first would be a value you can easily do eight to ten repetitions with. The second would be seventy percent lighter. And the last weight should be around forty percent lighter. What is important is that you use each weight without taking a break to rest in between. Complete a full set of eight to ten repetitions with the first weight, then switch to the second one and keep doing reps until you reach failure?. Then put the second one aside and start on the third weight, once again doing repetitions until you hit failure.
  • Supersets. Perform two exercises that target the opposing muscle groups without taking a break to rest in between. Common examples would be bicep curls followed by dumbbell presses. This would allow you to keep your heart rate up and gain higher fat burning in your workout.


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