How To Use the Energy Loops in Anusara Yoga

Anusara is a kind of hatha yoga grounded on Tantric philosophy. To be able to gain optimal results and to better balance your body as you perform the poses in Anusara yoga, it is important that you learn to use the energy loops. Don’t be confused, the energy loop is not a device that you need to purchase. It already exists inside your body and is unleashed through a series of body alignment techniques. All you need to do to activate the seven loops is perform a system of stretches, bends, and asana. By doing so, you allow your energy to flow in a directed manner throughout your body. For beginners, it is highly advisable that you enroll in yoga classes so that an instructor can guide you into achieving the correct positioning to activate and use the energy loops in Anusara Yoga. If you are already practicing yoga, this article will guide you into unlocking the seven energy loops.

  • Begin by activating the energy loop in your shoulder. The energy loop in your shoulder creates energy that flows from the upper palate to the neck, chest, heart, and sternum before going back to the upper palate. To be able to unlock this loop, perform the Upward Facing dog and Cobra poses. Take a deep breath and hold it in before you do the pose. It is important that you keep the blades of your shoulder together and pointing downwards when you lift your back and arms up to perform the poses. Slowly exhale after holding the pose.
  • After getting the shoulder energy loop activated, trigger the energy loop in your kidney area. This energy should flow from your kidney and move along the shoulder, chest, and then down to your sternum.  Take a deep breath and imagine that the air is filling your lower back. Make sure to pull in the waist. Push air through your spine and hold it in for at least 30 seconds. One you perfect this loop, performing the pose called Four Limb Staff should come easier.
  • To improve the energy loop in your shoulder, make sure to activate your skull energy loop. Face forwards and move your ears to the back of your shoulders. Raise your chin and focus on lowering the back part of the skull. Slowly inhale and exhale as you hold the position for half a minute.
  • From the upper part of your body, let the energy flow to your pelvis. Assume the pushup position and try to dig your heels into the ground. At the same time, lift your buttocks up. Slowly move your hands forward so that your body is now forming a triangle. While in this position, try to move the tailbone forward and hold it in that position for fifteen seconds. Take deep breaths as you perform the pose. This will activate the energy loop in your pelvic area.
  • Unlock the energy loop in your thighs. Your thigh loop will be activated by doing to lunge pose. Go down on one knee and check that your heel is in the same line as your buttock.  Straighten your other thigh and keep your other foot level with the floor. Push your hips forward using your hands. Make sure that your back is kept straight and your chin up jutting out. After holding this pose for about ten seconds, perform the same pose using the other leg.
  • Finally, unlock the energy loop in your ankle and calf. Stand flat on your feet and pull on your calves. As you do this, push your heels downward. It will seem difficult initially but as you perfect the pose, you will notice that your legs are getting more flexible and stronger.

Activating the energy loops inside your body improves your balance and prevents the body from getting injured as you perform the different asana. Should you get injured, you will notice that you heal faster as well. If you are considering undertaking Anusara yoga religiously, make sure that you get the permission of your doctor beforehand.


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