How To Use the Legacy Fitness Ab Roller Rocker

There are many factors on how one can say that a person has a fit-looking body. Some may focus on the arms, pectorals, chest, legs, and midsection. Among all these, having toned abs is probably the most appealing for both genders. Having a toned midsection can be achieved in many ways. There’s the old way of ab crunches and sit-ups. Some use machines and contraptions that make it easier to do different ab exercises. Nowadays, some people resort to having their abs done by dermatologists in clinics or hospitals. Among these, the use of contraptions is the most popular since they cost less than surgeries and can be done at home or in the gym. One of the most used ab devices is the ab rocker. There are many companies out there that produce ab rockers like Legacy Fitness. Their products are proven to be safe and effective.

Here’s how to use the Legacy Fitness Ab Roller Rocker.

Before you can do any kind of exercise, make sure that you are physically fit to do so. If you have any back injuries or musculoskeletal conditions, check first with your doctor before using the Ab Roller Rocker.

  • Purchase an Ab Roller Rocker. You can buy the Ab Roller Rocker online or from Legacy Fitness stores in malls or from other places. When doing exercises, it may be better to wear something stretchable and comfortable clothes. Tight-fitting outfits may get ripped and may cause discomfort due to friction.
  • Use the Ab Roller Rocker. Place your head on the head cradle and let your shoulders rest on the floor. Relax the rest of your muscles, especially the muscle part of your neck. You may get neck strain later if you don’t relax your neck muscles. Place your hands on the handles on the top of the ab rocker. Do not wrap the whole of your arms on the handles or you’ll risk straining your shoulder and neck muscles.
  • Rock yourself back and forth. Bend your knees and keep your feet apart. The width shouldn’t be too wide. You just need to align it with the rest of your body. Keep your lower back close on the floor instead of lifting it together with your upper body. Start rocking your upper body by moving it forward, applying pressure on the rocker and not on your arms. Your upper body should be completely off the floor when you do this. Next, get back on your lying position as slowly as you can. Your lower back should still be in contact with the floor. One “rock” corresponds to one ab crunch. If you’re a beginner it is advisable to do fifty to a hundred crunches. Keep doing more if you think you’re getting the hang of it.

You don’t need to do strain all your upper body muscles just to do an ab crunch. The Ab Roller Rocker let’s you do it easier and less strenuous. You can also enjoy watching TV while using the Ab Roller Rocker. Just keep in mind that having nice-looking abs mainly depends on your effort and dedication, even if assistive devices are available.


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