How To Use the Pole Method for Hair Weaving

One of the most popular ways to change a hairstyle is to use hair extensions. This allows a person to change hairstyles without using a full wig, add length and fullness to thin and fine hair, or just to add highlights and color to sections of hair without using chemicals. The pole method is just one of the various hair weaving methods to add hair extensions. Here are the steps when you want to use the pole method for hair weaving.

  • You will need a hair weaving machine for this method. The machine will hold three spools of thread needed to make the weft. Silk threads are ideal because of its fineness and inherent strength. The threads should be the same color as your current hair color.
  • Position the client, who should be seated on a swivel chair at a ninety-degree angle to the hair weaving machine which is placed to the right of the person having her hair done.  Pull the three strands towards the person and while holding the strands with your hand, lock the threads with the tension locks when the tension is similar to guitar strings.
  • Part the hair horizontally, just above the ear of the client and pin the rest of the hair on top of her head. Comb the rest of the hair below the pile until it is smooth. Spray the base of the hair with a bit of hair spray to control flyaway and make it easier to hold the hair. Take a few strands of hair a few centimeters behind the left temple and attach the three strands of silk threads as close to the roots as possible. Hold the strands of hair with your left hand and place this between the first and second threads. Start weaving by putting the strands over the second thread, then over the third thread. Bring the strand over thread three, under thread two and under thread one. Push the threads as close to the roots as you can get without causing pain to the scalp. Repeat the process one more time so you can advance towards the rest of the hair.
  • Part the first clump of hair and divide it into two. Pick up a few more strands to the right of the first one and start the weaving process once again to create the weft and work around towards the other side.
  • Cut the threads with a few inches trailing and loop them around the last clump of hair and knot the ends around the hair to secure.
  • Thread a curved needle with thread that is the same color as your hair. Make the thread ends even and make a knot. Push the needle to the end of the weft that you have made, starting from the back and out to the front. Push the needle between the two strands of thread to make a knot and push it close to the weft.
  • Get the hair extension and push the needle into the right corner of its weft. Push it against the weft on the head and insert the needle under the base weft and out the top. Push the needle between the loop just created to make a knot close to the base and repeat to make another knot to secure the edge of the hair extension.
  • Sew the hair extension to the base weft, knotting every stitch you make to ensure that the hair extension will be as secure and as flat to the head as possible.

You can make as many wefts as possible using the pole method to achieve the thickness of hair that your client wants. Make sure that you make the distance between wefts even to achieve a more natural fall of hair.


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