How To Use the Ron Popeil Pasta Maker

If you watch and purchase home items from infomercials, then you’ll be familiar with the Ron Popeil Pasta Maker. This kitchen gadget claims to make pasta at your very own home a cinch.

If you want to make great tasting homemade pasta, you may want to try using a Ron Popeil pasta maker. It’s handy and easy to use. Use your favorite pasta recipe or customize it to make it healthier using vegetables and other whole wheat or natural ingredients.

Here’s how to use the pasta maker to make fresh and delicious pasta right in your very own kitchen.

  • Purchase a unit. The Ron Popeil Pasta maker is usually sold as a special TV offer. However, you can also buy it online from eBay. It’s also available at some popular home appliance retailers. When you get it, read the instructions carefully, especially the care instructions so you know how to take care of your unit.
  • Get your ingredients. To get started, you need to gather the ingredients of your pasta. Find a pasta recipe online or from your favorite cookbook. Most pasta recipes will require two cups of wheat flour, one half teaspoon of salt and three large eggs. You may also choose to follow the included recipes with the unit.
  • Get the bowl. The pasta maker will do the mixing and kneading for you. Get your dry ingredients and place it in the mixing bowl that comes with the unit. To access the bowl, you need to remove the cover. The bowl has to be placed securely in the pasta maker so that the unit will work properly.
  • Select your desired noodle. Once you have put the flour and salt or dry ingredients inside the mixing bowl, your next job is to decide what type of pasta you will make. Choose from the pasta shapes available and prepare it by soaking it in some water. After a minute, get the shaper then slide in into the panel and secure it with the locking mechanism.
  • Prepare your wet ingredients. The pasta maker comes with a mixing bowl with line indicators. Use it to measure your liquid or oil and place the eggs in it. When it is well combined, slowly pour it in the mixing bowl. Turn on the pasta maker and let it knead everything for about four minutes. The pasta maker will do the difficult task of mixing and kneading the ingredients for you. When it forms a dough, turn off the machine.
  • Cut the pasta. When the dough is ready, change the setting to EXT to get the pasta out. The machine will push out the dough through the shaper and out will come your fresh pasta! Get a butter knife and use it to cut the pasta as if comes out of the pasta maker.

After using the pasta maker, make sure you disassemble the removable parts and wash it in warm soapy water. When not in use, keep your pasta maker clean and dry. If you plan to use in regularly, keep the pasta maker right on your kitchen counter for easy access.


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