How To Use the Rubber Stamp Tool in Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks has plenty of features that make it a powerful web design application. One of these features is the Rubber Stamp Tool, which allows graphic designers to copy an existing part of an image then transfer it artfully to another part of the active document. This saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the designer who will no longer have to carefully reconstruct intricate patterns and textures or trim the copied image to fit the new location.

Here are the steps for using the rubber stamp tool in Fireworks.

  • Open an existing document. You may also create a new document then paste an image into it.
  • Click on the Rubber Stamp Tool icon in the toolbox. The toolbox can be found on the left side of the work area. There is an image of a stamp on the button which describes its purpose. Once you click on it, a sub-menu for the settings of the rubber stamp tool will appear in the Properties panel located in the bottom of the work area.
  • Adjust the settings on the Properties panel. There are drop-down lists which will let you change the size and edge of the rubber stamp tool. The larger the value of the “size” text box, the bigger your rubber stamp will be; you can fill up a large portion of the screen with the selected image with just one click if you set the size big enough. The bigger the value in the “edge” text box, the softer the rubber stamp will be; you will need to click on the screen several times to make a soft rubber stamp image appear. You can also adjust the “opacity” on the right side of the panel. If you lower the value of the opacity, the rubber stamp will become more transparent. Finally, the “blend mode” allows you to change the way the stamp image reacts with the target area. You can leave this setting to “normal” if you do not wish to experiment with different light effects.
  • Position the cursor over the area of the image you want to capture. Hold down the ALT key then left-click.
  • Position the cursor over the target area. Hold the left-click button then drag the cursor over the selected area. Once you release the mouse button, the copied image will appear over the target area. You can use the Undo button to revert the image prior to using the Rubber Stamp Tool. Save the document after you are done. You can opt to change the name of the saved file to keep the original image intact.
  • Play around with the Rubber Stamp Tool. Change the settings and see how they affect the final image. You may end up with a better result when you understand the full potential of this useful tool. Don’t forget to make save different files so you can compare the results later on.

You can check out video tutorials online for a live demonstration of the Rubber Stamp Tool. While you can use this feature to clean up your Fireworks document quickly, avoid overusing misusing the rubber stamp, as this is a mark of novice designer.


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