How To Use the Toshiba Zooming Utility

Have you ever experienced opening an application or browsing the web where the words or images are too small or too big for you to see? If you have, then wouldn’t it be easier for you if you could zoom in or zoom out on these applications or websites for better viewing?

This is what the Toshiba Zooming Utility offers to its users. The Toshiba Zooming Utility is the latest application in the Toshiba laptops and netbooks and it allows the users to zoom in and out of an application to enlarge the fonts, toolbars or icons. This feature doesn’t only work on certain programs or applications in your computer. You can also use this while you are surfing the web or reading documents or spreadsheets.

Many people find this new feature very functional and it is very easy to set up in your computer. Once it is set, you only have to remember a few keys to activate the zoom in and zoom out function of this application whenever you want to use it. To set up and use the Toshiba Zooming Utility in your computer, here is a guide that you could follow to help you.

  • Open the Toshiba Folder. Before you can use or change the properties in your Zooming Utility, you first have to locate and open your Toshiba Folder. To open the folder, you have to click on your Start menu and then point your mouse on All Programs. Your complete list of programs will appear and you need to look for the Toshiba folder. Once you have located it, click on it then choose Utilities. A new window will appear then click on the Zooming Utility option in the new window. This will open another window named Zooming Utility Properties.
  • Set your preferences for Toshiba Zooming Utility. In the Zooming Utility Properties, you can choose which programs or applications to zoom or you can choose to zoom on all of your computer programs. There are a lot more options that you could set and it depends on your preference as to which ones to activate. Once you are done, you can save the changes by clicking on the OK option. Once you have clicked the OK option, the window for the Zooming Utility Properties will automatically close.
  • Memorize the zoom in and zoom out keys. To activate the zoom in and zoom out function of the Toshiba Zooming Utility, you have to remember which keys to press. To zoom out, press the Fn key and the 1 key then hold. To zoom in on an application or program, press the Fn key and 2 key then hold.

The Toshiba Zooming Utility can be very useful and helpful to you. It can make viewing a whole lot more pleasant to the eyes and you won’t ever have to settle with poor image or word quality because you can now zoom in or out on it. It is a very easy application to set up and use and you can benefit a lot from the Toshiba Zooming Utility.


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