How To Use Titebond or Elmer's Wood Glue to Glue Two Pieces of Wood Together

Woodworkers, crafters and do-it-yourselfers use different types of glues for attaching different materials together. The wood glue is used to keep the pieces of wood adhering to one another prior to the addition of nails or screws to make the joint firmer and permanent. Two of the popular brands of wood glues are Titebond Wood Glue and Elmer’s Wood Glue. Titebond wood glue comes in different strengths with water-resistant and completely waterproof formulations. Elmer’s wood glue on the other hand has exterior and interior formulations. Both brands are backed by years of experience in providing construction materials that are effective and affordable. Whatever brand you want to use, below you can find some tips on how to use wood glue to glue two pieces of wood together.

  • Sand the pieces of wood to be glued until these become smooth. Wipe the surfaces of the wood pieces clean. This is the initial step to prepare the pieces of wood to be glued.
  • Apply a small amount of wood glue to one side of each piece of wood. Spread the wood glue evenly without spreading the glue along the edge of the wood pieces. The glue will adhere to each part immediately but you will have enough time to correctly position the wood pieces.
  • Clamp the pieces of wood together and align the edges if you are working with flat pieces. If you are going to glue a piece of wood into a hole bored on another piece, apply wood glue to the inside of the hole and around the tip that has to be inserted into it. Secure the pieces of wood by tying them together or driving a nail through to keep their correct position until the wood glue dries. Joined wood pieces should fit each other properly as gaps will prevent the pieces from bonding tightly to one another.
  • Clean off the sides of the wood as the glue will bead around the edges once these are clamped together. Wipe the excess with a clean cloth or allow the glue to harden for less than thirty minutes before you scrape it off with a chisel or a knife. Sawdust will absorb excess glue, which can make cleaning off the excess faster and easier. Sprinkle saw dust over the beads of glue that have formed around the edges before scraping the glue with a knife.
  • Allow the glue to cure for at least fifteen hours to ensure a tight bond. Allowing it to cure overnight will ensure better adherence. This will ensure that the glued pieces will remain attached to one another for many years.

Apply only the right amount of wood glue to make the two pieces of wood stick together. Applying too much wood glue only wastes the glue and creates a mess. It will also prevent the glue from drying out faster and cause the bond to weaken. Both Elmer’s Wood Glue and Titebond Wood Glue are good brands that will make fixing your furniture pieces easy and effective. These can be sanded and stained just like the wood.


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