How To Use Your Personality Successfully in a Job Interview

You might have the best credentials, the most impressive experiences, and the best set of skills, but you didn’t get the job. Why? Remember that credentials, experiences, and skills are not the only qualifiers. Personality speaks a lot, too. If the interviewer finds your personality doesn’t fit the job, even if in truth it does, you are not going to get the job. So how are you going to put your personality in the best light without being aggressive or showy? Here are some tips.

  • Be confident. Many job applicants have a problem with this. Either they are too confident or very insecure. Remember that balance is the key here. You have to show you have a sense of self without being arrogant. For example, if you are asked about what you can do for the company, describe your skills and how they can be of use. Give previous experiences that will support your claim and propose realistic plans. When you give an answer, make sure to use a tone of determination. If you sound unsure of yourself, no one’s going to believe you, no matter how brilliant your answer is.
  • Display your personality according to the job you are applying for. This doesn’t mean you should fake your behavior, but this means you should conduct yourself based on what is expected of you if you get the job. For example, if you are applying for a sales position, you might want to show your persuasiveness in the interview. If you are applying in a brand development department, you need to show you are a critical thinker. Remember: The interviewer will determine if you are suitable for the job based not only on what he sees on paper but also on what he sees in person.
  • Read the interviewer. You should try to pick up clues from the interviewer, so that you can adjust your style according to what he seems fit. It’s usually hard to guess what the interviewer sees in and thinks of you. But try to look at his facial reactions and nonverbal clues. Does he seem uncomfortable with your straightforwardness? Tone down a bit. Does it seem like he wants you to be more open? Loosen up. Doesn’t he seem convinced you can do the job? Tell about your successful projects in your previous jobs.
  • Be likeable. It usually takes seconds to dislike a person, but it takes quite a longer time to like a person. So use your time in the interview room to make your interviewer like you. A happy disposition and a positive outlook in life are what most interviewers look for in a candidate. And these couldn’t be faked. Even if you smile a lot, fake your answers, or soften your voice, your interviewer can intelligently sense you are doing an act. This is why before your interview, make sure to regroup yourself and find ways to make your strengths evident.

Before your scheduled interview, make a self-assessment. Ask yourself: Will my personality work for me? If not, what can I do to use it to my advantage? You can’t change your personality, but you can at least make several ways to handle the interview in such a way that your interviewer will take your personality as a company asset.


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