How To Use your TV as a Second Monitor for your Computer

If you use your computer for video and photo editing more than anything else, using your television as a second monitor enables you to see your photos and videos on a larger screen. In using your TV as a second monitor, it should have a high resolution or else the image or video will appear pixilated or have a poor quality. Most conventional TVs (those that are not high definition), give poor results when used as a secondary monitor for your computer. The only problem is that the quality of the image is not as good as that of a computer’s. You have to have a TV set that has a very high resolution to even compete with the quality that comes out of your desktop or laptop. Connecting your TV to the computer is fairly easy. Let’s say that you have a new LCD High Definition TV and you want to see if the display on the TV is as clear as the one on the computer monitor. Read on to learn more about using your TV set as a second monitor for your computer.

  • Lower the resolution of your computer. If your television supports high resolution, you must match it with your computer. For example, if your High Definition television can support up to 1024x768, set your computer’ resolution to that as well.
  • Check the computer and television for like connectors. Mot computers are equipped with S-video output. Look at the back your TV if there is also an S-video connector. If it does, you can simply use it to make the graphics on your computer monitor appear on the television. Now, mot High Definition televisions have a digital input or DVI, which you can use on your computer as well.
  • Connect the cables. Once you have checked the connectors and input/output, you can already use the television as a second monitor. Make sure that the cables are connected securely so that the signal will not get choppy or display a grainy image. Loose connections tend to produce poor quality of output. Tighten the cable properly to avoid this.
  • Play videos. You can now play videos on your computer that you can watch on your High Definition TV. Use the DVD ROM on your computer to play DVDs. Video playbacks have better quality when watched on a television as videos on DVDs are really designed for use on televisions. Surfing the Internet and using the television as a secondary monitor is not a good idea. Surfing the Internet tends to load slower when television is used because the resolution is typically lower than that of a computer.

If you have a regular, non-flat television that you want to hook up as a second monitor for your computer, you may be disappointed with the result. The TV will not show the exact image and resolution that your computer monitor does. The cables must be compatible with both your television and computer. Take precautions when connecting cable o you do not get electrocuted.


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