How To Use Your TV as your Computer Monitor

Your TV and computer monitor might have more in common than you think. In fact, if you want to work on your computer, but with a bigger monitor, you can actually use your TV set. Although TV sets do not provide you with the superior visuals of a computer monitor, it can be a good substitute if you find that your computer monitor is damaged. If you would like to hook up your computer to a TV set, below are steps on how to do it.

  • Check your computer's capabilities. Check if your computer has video outputs for VGA. Find out what your computer's functions are, so you can see if it is compatible with your TV set. Other computers have S-video options, as well as DVI and HDMI options.
  • Check your TV set's capabilities. Once you have checked your computer's capabilities, it's time to check your TV set's input functions. Check to see if the inputs are compatible with that of your computer's video output functions. Older models of TV sets have coaxial and S-video inputs. If you have a newer model, such as TV's with enhanced definition and High Definition TV sets, then you probably have inputs for VGA, component, HDMI or DVI.
  • Find the cables and adapters. You will need specific cables or adapters to be able to connect your computer to your TV set. If, upon checking your computer and TV, you find that they have compatible input and output ports, you can simply find a cable to connect the two machines. If they have different ports, you may need to buy an adapter to be able to connect the cables. You may find these cables and adapters at computer or electronics shops. Simply ask the sales personnel for the correct cable to use for your TV and computer.
  • Connect the computer. Once you have the necessary cables and adapters, connect your computer to the TV, making sure that you plug in the wire into your computer's output socket, and the other end into your TV set's input socket. Turn on the computer and your TV to check if it's working. You will notice that there is a discrepancy in terms of image quality when you are using your TV set. This is normal, as TV sets are programmed with different resolution capabilities. If you have a high definition TV set, then you probably won't notice much difference in the quality.
  • Find a TV and monitor hybrid. If you plan to use your TV as your computer monitor as well, you might want to find a TV set that is specifically created to double as a computer monitor, or a computer monitor that works as a TV set. This will provide you with better quality in terms of visuals, and you won't have to keep on switching and re-switching the cables. Find this particular kind of TV set or computer monitor and you will have two-in-one capabilities.

Normally, using your TV set as a computer monitor in the long term is not a good idea. It is still better to have a dedicated computer monitor for when you use your computer. The TV monitor is just handy to have around in case your monitor breaks down on you and you have to use the computer.


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