How To Utilize the Triple-Threat Position in Basketball

Basketball is a great way to break a sweat. Playing basketball allows you to move all your body parts. It can help you lose weight too. There are many positions and techniques in basketball that you can learn in order to master the game. Whether it be amateur or professional basketball, these positions and techniques are very important to ensure a winning game and the improvement of the player. One of the positions crucial to the game is the triple-threat position. This position is called such because when you have the ball, you can pass, shoot or dribble the ball. When you are in a triple-threat position, you have all the advantage and have the chance to score or let your teammate shoot the ball by passing it to him. If you want to use this position next time you play basketball, this article will show you how. Read on.

  • Position yourself near the basket. While the ball is still in your teammate’s possession, get as near to the basket as possible so your teammate can pass the ball to you. But do not get too near that you enter the perimeter area and stay there for more than a few second because you will be called for a three-second violation.
  • Ask the ball from your teammate. Let the one holding the ball look at you and signal to him to pass the ball to you. If he sees that you are in a good position, he will immediately give you the possession of the ball.
  • Do a triple-threat position. Once you get the ball, scan the court for the best spot near the basket for this position. You must position yourself in such a way that you see your teammates where you can pass the ball, the basket where you can take a shot and an escape area where you can dribble the ball to get out of the opponent’s defense line.
  • Decide whether to shoot, dribble or pass. When you are in position, evaluate the situation in the court. If your opponent is in a position where you can do either of the three, determine which move to make. If one of your teammates is nearer to the basket and has more potential to shoot the ball, then you can pass it to him. When there is no one else in the low post for you to pass the ball, you can make the shot, provided your opponent will not get in the way. Lastly, if the opponent is threatening to grab the ball from you, dribble it and get away from your post and find a better spot to make a shot.

When playing basketball, it is important to warm up before the game to prep your muscles and your whole body for the grueling activity ahead and to prevent any sprains and muscle pulls. Use appropriate shoes to avoid having blisters. On the other hand, for you to be a pro in basketball, keep practicing the different moves and techniques during your free time. You will be amazed to discover that these moves and techniques are pretty easy to do. So what are you waiting for? Take out those basketball shoes and jerseys and get to a basketball and bust those moves!


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