How To View a Picture Slideshow on a Television

For purposes of art and/or instruction, many people now use slideshows. Slideshows are presentations of pictures chosen and arranged in an order, which will be displayed in a predetermined time so that such display can run without being attended to. For this reason, such presentations are oftentimes likened to how videos work. With the advancement of technology, music can now be added to a slideshow. Animations and transitions can also be added to enhance how the pictures will be presented. Apart from the computer where such presentations are made, one can opt to use apparatuses like carousel slide projectors especially if there is a big audience that is expected to watch. Another apparatus would be a regular television. To view a picture slideshow on a television, follow the steps below.

  • Collate pictures. Choose the images that you want to be displayed as part of the slideshow. Take time in arranging which photo would come first, second and so on.
  • Create the slideshow. Choose the digital photo software to create the slideshow. For beginners, Microsoft PowerPoint would suffice. If the software that you have chosen allows it, you can opt to add backgrounds, music, and labels.
  • Incorporate a Photo CD or DVD menu. After making the slideshow itself, include in it a Photo CD or DVD menu by using the same digital photo software. By means of the remote control of your DVD player, this menu will allow you to do actions like skip pictures or return to a previous one when you are already viewing it on the television. To see whether settings for the remote control are functioning correctly, you can opt to use a software that allows for the simulation of the television and DVD player.
  • Conduct a test presentation. When you think that you have already inserted all the needed materials in the slideshow, try to preview the presentation first. Ensure that you are content with what you have seen or if not, make the needed changes.
  • Burn the slideshow. Put a Photo CD or DVD disc in the appropriate drive of your computer. Make sure that such disc is blank in doing the process of burning the presentation.
  • View the slideshow in the television. After burning the slideshow in a blank disc, you can now watch it in your television to which a DVD player is hooked. Press the DVD option on the remote control and the menu that you have created earlier should appear on the television screen. From there, you can choose which part of the slideshow to watch or simply watch whole thing.

New technologies have provided us new ways on how to spend time with our family. Knowing how to create a slideshow and have it presented using a television set is sure a fun way to bond with your family and friends. This will not only test your artistic sensibilities, it is also a good way to save money since watching a slideshow is like watching a movie. Only that it wouldn’t cost you more than your time and effort.


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