How To Visit Atlantis Resort Bahamas on a Budget

Atlantis Resort in Bahamas is responsible for the whopping 11% of the country’s gross national product. Why not? The resort features the best swimming pools, the best seaside, the best casinos, the most luxurious suites, and the tastiest dining experience. However, visiting Atlantis Resort is expensive. A stay there for a night per person already costs around $300 or even more. But do you know that you don’t have to spend that much? In fact, you can spend only half or a third of that amount and still have an enjoyable visit to Atlantis Resort Bahamas. Here are the tricks:

  • Set the visit on off-peak season. Peak season is during summer. Other seasons can already be considered as off-peak. You’ll save more money if you go there without the high demands. Plane tickets are cheaper as well as hotel room rates. It is also important to set the vacation dates at least a month or two before so you can book early. You’ll have cheaper ticket rates if you do this. More rooms are also available for booking months before the vacation. You might even get the best deals if the Atlantis Resort has a promo. Instead of paying $300 per night for every person, you might only spend half of that price.
  • Consider staying in Comfort Suites. Most travelers think that they have no choice but to stay in Atlantis Resort to enjoy all of its amenities. The truth is, there is another lodging house, called the Comfort Suites that can give you access to most of Atlantis Resort’s amenities. The suites here may not be as luxurious as those in Atlantis Resort. But they offer comfortable places to stay in with big beds, a separate receiving area, a dining set, TV, and unlimited Internet access. Best of all, your accommodation has a hot breakfast. All these and more are for only about $180 per night. Comparing that to the $300 of Atlantis Resort is already a bargain.
  • Bring foods and other stuffs. Invest on a small cooler, where you can stock your foods for the entire vacation. Buying snacks and other foods at the resort is expensive. You don’t have to pay $5 for something you can bring and pay for only $1. This way, you’ll only have to spend for dinner. There are many restaurants to choose from and most of these offer foods that are good for three or more people for the price of one. For lunch, it would be better if you take your free breakfast at around 9am. Eat until 10am and get some muffins or anything that you can pack and eat that when you get hungry. Bring lotions, sunscreen, and other things, too. There are suntan lotions, sunglasses, and other fun things at the resorts. But these are way too expensive. Save money by bringing your own things.
  • Do not use your credit card. It’s best to pay with cash to avoid the monthly interest rate. Although convenient, using credit cards is not that practical.
  • Whether you have checked in the Atlantis Resort or not, the important thing is that you visit everything. Access to the amenities is included to your payment. Go to the pools, attend concerts, and you can even visit the Cove Resort. You go there early in the morning before the security goes there.

Remember, having fun is not always expensive. As they say, the best things in life are free. Isn’t it more fulfilling if you will only spend about $1,000 when visiting Atlantis Resort when everyone else is spending double or triple that amount?


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