How To Wire Crochet

If you know how to crochet sweaters and other garments, you might want to try how to do wire crocheting. Wire crochet is much like the regular crocheting, but instead of using yarn and crochet thread, you will use wire. This an ideal project for you if you want to come up with unique jewelry, pendants, decorative items and wire embellishments for your accessories. All it takes is a little bit of practice and you can already come up with great pieces.

  • Materials that you need. Purchase 28-gauge wire, a metal crochet hook and a wire cutter. If you want a thinner wire to start with, you can purchase a higher gauge. When you go to the arts and crafts store, tell them that you are going to crochet wire and they will give you the type of crochet hook that you need for this purpose. You can also get some beads to put on your crochet wire.
  • Do a basic chain. You have to practice getting used to the wire and crocheting it first before you can create jewelry pieces. To start off, practice doing a chain stitch with the wire. The instructions are the same as standard crocheting but it can be harder to manipulate since you are working with a hard material. Practice your stitches and make them as equal as possible. To do a simple chain, tie a knot with a loop on the wire. Insert the crochet hook in the loop and get the wire. Gently pull the wire back into the loop to make the chain. Continue doing this until you have a long chain wire.
  • Add the beads. Once you get used to making the basic chain, you can add beads to your wire crochet. To do this, just insert the beads that you want to the wire before you start crocheting. Afterwards, proceed as you would normally to make a chain. When you want a bead on the chain, just slide in a bead and then proceed with the crocheting. It may take a bit of practice to come up with a perfect design but you will get used to it after a while.
  • Practice everyday. Wire crocheting can hurt your hands after a while since the wire can be hard to handle. Practice your skills everyday so that you can move on to more advanced patterns to help you come up with different designs. There are plenty of wire crochet patterns that you can check out on the Internet so that you can practice making some designs or you can make up your own design and experiment.

Now that you know the basics of wire crocheting, you can move on and make other pieces. You can check out the website Wire Crochet Patterns. This website has a lot of wire crochet patterns with pictures and step by step instructions that you can easily follow. Some of the items available there are wire and bead bracelets, brooches, daisy earrings, start earrings, wire necklace with pendant and more.


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